Are toe separators sanitizable or to be thrown?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Denise W, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Denise W
    Please don't shoot me down in flames for asking a stupid question and I do feel that this is one......I have been using rolled up tissue to separate clients toes but I've found some peoples toes still don't stay far enough apart for painting so I've bought a pack of proper toe separators. Are they sanitisable/re-usable or should they be given to the client or thrown? Don't worry, I haven't re-used any but I just wanted to check. Thanks.
  2. mum
    Try toe ropes. Much nicer and cheaper. Disposable
  3. lucysmam
    I have the same problem when painting toes!

    What are toe ropes? Tia :)
  4. katiebbaby
    toe ropes ar like little foam string/rope :lol::lol: I always leave them with clients, cost is minimal. x
  5. lucysmam
    I've just googled, they're a fab idea!! Going to wait until my fella gets paid Friday so there's some cash available & get me some I think
  6. busybee32
    Do you know what I use for toes when im doing a pedi? The little sausage bits of foam that you get in packaging. Roll them between your fingers in the middle and they sit between the toes nicely, best of all they are free and hygienic as you throw them away once you have used them.
    Waste not want not I say....:green:
    Jen xx
  7. Bronzewolf
  8. geeg
    Well call me an old stick in the mud, but I tear a paper towel in half .. twist it into a rope and wind through the toes securing it between the little toe and the big toe by doubling it over and pushing it into place. ONE sheet does both toes and then throw it away. I've never spent money on toe separators and besides I think they are uncomfortable for the client. I think Busybee's idea is quite cool too actually.
  9. RachFace
    that is a fab idea busybee! why did i throw them all away! doh! think i need to place another order just to get some lol
  10. busybee32
    Aw thanks Geeg.:hug:
    Clients find them really comfortable too as they shrink to fit in between the toes. Even webbed ones!!!
    Jen xxx
  11. Martin Duffy
    That's what I've always done - even though it is possible to sanitise those toe seperator things they always look horrid after they've been between a few people's toes!
  12. Noodle
    Staff Member
    The thing about toe separators is that when you finally remove them, your little piggies end up pointing in all sorts of directions! :lol:

    Stick with toe ropes, foamy sausage bits or paper towels.
  13. lucysmam
    Paper towels are an even better idea & will save some precious pennies! Wonder why we don't all think of simple things like that!?
  14. MaisyMouse
    I do this too, clients think its a great idea and far more comfortable for them

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