Best Fake Tan for pale dry skin ????

Discussion in 'Skin' started by twink, May 19, 2010.

  1. twink
    Hi Fellow geeks

    Im just crashing in ( nail geek !! ) I was looking for a little advice if you dont mind. Its my daughters christening in 10 days and like most at this time of year i would like a lovely glow.

    I am very very pale ( rather than tan i go from white to beige !! ) and have used st tropez mouse for years. The past few times i have used it i am starting to get a crocodile effect a few days in, yet i always do my prep b4 application and i maintain after.

    I was thinking maybe i need to try a new one ?? id like to maybe get a spray tan done too as my legs never match my top half in colour , god knows why !!!!

    I hope some1 out there can help

    Thanks in advance
    x x x x
  2. BeautyByJulia
    I use Fake Bake for spray tanning and I am very pale! and it is the best colour I have ever gone from a fake tan and believe me I have tried lots!!! having a spray tan will give you a great even all round colour.
    they do a huge range of products you can use at home and have just brought out a body butter tan for a dry skin. if you like the mousse texture they also do a Fake Bake mousse which I have used and love too.
    hope this helps a bit!
  3. twink
    Thanks :)

    My only worry though is that when i had fake bake once before ( about 2yrs ago) and i ended up like an umpa loompa !!!!. I asked not to be too dark too !!!

    has the formula changed that your are aware ?
  4. collin
    Hi Pippa,
    from your comments on your posting it sounds very much that your not looking for a dark tan and more of a natural summer glow.

    If you are very pale and naturally have dry skin then look to the lower percentage spray tans and ones with a light initial colour guide and a solution heavily fortified with Aloe Vera which both adds moisturiser to the skin(compensating the natural drying effect spray tans create due to the process involved in tanning)
    With reduced initial colour guide combined with a lower DHA concentrate together with added moisturiser to the solution generally helps elongate the longevity of the tan and helps prevent crocodile skin effects during the fade off period.

    With dry skin it is essential to exfoliate well prior to treatment to remove dead skin cells and thus prevent the solution "grabbing"(crocodile effect) and to undertake a strict post tan regime of daily moisturising post tan.

    Try a solution that's even as low as a 5% DHA concentrate...this will give you a mild natural English Rose summer matter what skin type you are.

    Sometimes with a tan less can look much better than more.

    HTH and good luck :hug:
  5. twink
    wow colin thats fab advice - thank you. any chance u know where i can find these products... i.e. are they st tropez, fake bake ... ect

    thanks Again FAB info x x x :D
  6. *sarah*
    I used to get quite bad crocodile legs lol due to shaving and not moisturising everday all gone now, now that I use my oil free moisturiser everyday to keep my tan looking fab! before tan moisturiser like mad, using anything you like, for a quick fix apply moisturiser then wrap legs in clingfilm and go to bed (I used to have to do this:D)
    Make sure your shower gel is not dove or imerial leather or anything that contains oils, radoz and simple are good, and also an oil free moisturiser after tan is done as any oils will break down your tan and give you the crocodile affect too.
    Xen Tan is really good for pale skin, I am blue and never go orange with it, it always gives a lovely golden colour but if you are looking for a lighter tan there are companies as colins great advice says that do low percentage dha tans, cant think off the top of my head who though! sure another geek will hth xx
  7. oddball
    I use sienna and I have to say it has suited all skin colours from milk bottle white to olive, U would be asking for an 8% an the coverage is very even, I have also had several clients who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, I only spray clients with conditions like these if there are not weeping sores or open wounds but as you can imagine their skin is very dry at times, the outcome has been fantastic, after you tan moisturize regularly as well.
  8. twink
    Thanks again this info it great. i think alot of the problem where i live is that its a small town and there is an almost uniformed "Orange trend" . not sure if this is whats being asked for but when i went to have mine it was like a convayer belt......they didnt asses my skin ect.. they just spray me... i was neon !!!!
  9. chocolatepickle
    Tantrick does 5%, 8%, 10% and 12% (and onwards!) and I like the brand for the natural colour I get with it. I'm very fair and when I want a light tan I'll use Tantrick 8%, it produces a lovely glow that looks like what it would had i been in the sun. HTH :hug:
  10. twink
    am i right in thinking this is a rub in tan ??
  11. collin
    One of the major things that is giving our sector that mmmmmm???? thing from people seeing so many orange young girls out and about on a Friday night im afraid is the lack of education that some spray tan brands pass onto therapists that they train.

    The key factor to any successful spray tan therapist is the knowledge of which DHA solution concentrates to use on which skin types and how to look for those individuals who's apparent skin type can or cannot take a higher concentrate percentage than the norm of there skin type.

    I have been thinking about your postings and having read your comments im wondering if you would be better purchasing a moisturiser that is fortified with DHA...not your low % stuff you buy from boots the chemist but a professional one containing a much higher concentrate.

    If used regularly it is quiet easy to gradually build up and maintain a subtle tan and through daily use the added benifit is that you would be moisturising your skin regularly.

    Just a thought and one that could work well for you :hug:
  12. *sarah*
    I do the spray tan but xen tan do products you can use your self
    Dark lotion
    Transform luxe
    Mousse intense
    Spray intese
    Any of these would be suitable for you if you cant find some one spraying in your area.
    Have a look at my before and after pic on my profile it'll let you see how white I usually am and the tan it gives me hth xx
  13. spoilt

    ye its worrying being a special occasion. theres lots of realy good tans on the market and each of us will tell you what we prefer, its trial and error realy till you find what your skin likes best... i use a mousse tan by nouvatan on myself and spray for clients they use the mousse to top up , its in a 50ml or 200ml a little goes a long way and they sell to traded and non trade from the site.. its a fantastic natural colour and if you try the mouse ond like it then go for the full blown spraytan . x
  14. lilstraws89

    I have got my baby niece's christening in 3 days time and I'm also godmother so I'm wanting to look my best aswell. Like you I'm pale but with freckles and I like the sienna x as it does seem to suit me the best. I usually have the 12% because of my freckles.

    Good luck with finding the tan that suits you and be glamourous!! :)

    Vicky x
  15. twink
    Colin , u are a god !!!!!!>> Yes that sounds like a plan. I have booked in for a spray 2moro. Do u think if I had a low % spray an then maintained with an everyday tanner ?? Ur so right about not enough info. Believe or not tanning was included in my nail tech course and u can c how much I learnt -lol !!!! Done half a day on it. Needless to say a pointless experience. I believe sudo is ment to be lovely, have u heard of this ?? What everyday tan do u think ??

    sorry im a bug !!!!

    Thanks to every1 else who has posted you are wonderful - x x x x - lots to think about
  16. collin
    From what your posting...go for the lowest % the technician that your going to can offer you...its far better to start from this point and if not dark enough to then go a % higher.

    Good luck :hug:

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