Best product for soft, peeling nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by crazysaz, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. crazysaz
    hi all, i have the worse nails ever, they've always been soft but every so often i pick of my enhancements which doesn help. ive never had nails above the tip of my finger. i want to be able to recommend a product to customers with these types of nails. so far ive really only tried the 411 toughen up. is it suitable on its own as a nail strengthener? any other suggestions? an opi rep came round one day and her nails were fab, at 1st i thought they were enhancements but she swore by nail envy.
  2. kandmreber
    As you already have said picking off your nails DOESN'T help. OPI nail envy is a great product. What you need to make sure of with this is begin the client with the Original formula first(also available in Matte). You apply 1 coat every other day for one week then remove all of the product and begin again. Once your client has used all of the original up then you switch to the other formulas that are as follows (this should go by the original condition of the nail)

    Dry & Brittle
    Sensitive & peeling
    Soft & Thin
    These are not overnight miracles. No product is. My friend used Nail envy after picking her nails off. It does take awhile to really notice a difference.

    I am fixing to try the creative Toughen up. How did you like this product. I use Stickey in all my man/peds and since Toughen up is Stickey with DMU added I figured I give it a try. Also I have given my friend Natural Nail Growth Stimulator by Qtica to try. Does anyone have any input on this product
  3. chiwawa
    Have you heard about NailTek? The foundation's real good. Maybe you can try.

    I took off l & P after whole 2 years of wearing and I apply the foundation every day and taking it off after 1 week and repeat.. It works for me. Something like the Nail Envy.
  4. Urban Geek
    I would say plenty of Solar Oil, Toughen Up Base Coat, finished off with a coat of Super Shiney.
  5. geeg
    I swear by Creative Toughen Up. For the reason that is does actually have a pretty instant effect on the nail plate by adding extra cross links to the keratin immediately without waiting for growth to take place.
    Of course the new growth is even stronger, but in the meantime, the nails do feel quite different when using it.
  6. nail2heart
    I have nail tek and i recommend it to them when they are taking off l&p,i did a house call on a client and she was having a manicure her nails were in great shape and she told me she usues nail tek,there are lots to choose from and i hope you find something to suit you, and definately lots of cuticle oil.

    Florentina Alexander
    Nails At Last

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