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Discussion in 'Skin' started by lau, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. lau
    I am currently studying beauty therapy at home and I have a reaccuring question that I just dont know,

    'Give details of the type of Client Records you would keep in your salon if different to the ones used for your case studies?'

    What does this mean?
    Do different treatment has different aspects on Client Record cards? I think so due to diferent contri-indications?

    Some one lpease help really stuck on tis one?
  2. twid
    There are many different types of client record cards; hairdressing, nail enhancement, standard beauty etc. When you do case studies its a long, indepth document showing many aspects of the treatment over a period of time.

    A client card is for more general record keeping. I was always told that the record card should have enough info on it so that if another therapist had to do a treatment on a client you last worked on, she'd be able to carry on in a safe and informed way. It can also be used for a client to sign if they have something you're not sure about treating, as a disclaimer.

    The other thing they could be taking about is a consultation sheet, which I always keep with my record cards. Which again would be different from a case study sheet.

    I've only every used a case study sheet when I've been studying, I've not used them since I've been qualified in a particular therapy.

    Sorry if i've waffled and hope it makes sense.

  3. lau
    Many thanks Kara for your reply, makes more sense now xxx

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