COSHH Sheets (Health and Safety)

Discussion in 'Business' started by Ruby19, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Ruby19

    Can anybody help me regarding COSHH sheets formy salon. I use various products in my salon e.g. Dermalogica, Creative Nail etc. and have many products that I think require COSHH sheets.

    I have got hold of some Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Sheets) from some suppliers but not all. Do the MSDS sheets qualify as a COSHH sheet or do these need to be converted to something more specific?

    I have looked through various web-sites and some of the threads on Salon Geek but am still a little confused.

    If anybody has a typical example of a COSHH sheet that they could send me it would be greatly appreciated.

    At the moment there is only myself in the salon but I have got an apprentice starting next month and I am not sure what I have to do in terms of Health and Safety.

    Many thanks in advance of any help you can give.

  2. rouge
    I believe for all products that you use you have to have a list of the ingredients for each one. I'll have to go and check this one out to be sure. My folder is at work so I'll have a look tomorrow and let you know if no-one else responds. But I'm sure they will!:)
  3. Ruby19
    Many thanks for your help.

    One thing that is confusing me is do I have to have a COSHH sheet for all my substances as some of them do not appear to have any hazardous chemicals e.g. Anti Bac Skin Wash from Dermalogica.

    I'm sure that once I can get one done the rest will be a doddle.

    One or two people seem to recommend the Habia H&S pack but this cost £99 and I don't know if it's value for money?

  4. Cathie!
    Yep, defo worth the money if you have a salon....all the proformas are there for you to complete....takes the nightmare out of H&S!

    Also if you look on your packaging there will be warnings, these are the start of your COSHH, no warnings then no need to do a COSHH assessment.
  5. Monkeystails

    There you go; I hope that helps. It is specific to the Beauty industry.

    But if it is MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDS) you're looking for, then you can contact the manufacturer of the brand you're using and they should be able to send you a CD with MSDS for each individual item you use.

    Georgie. xx
  6. marketing-geek
    COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. If products aren't hazardous, then no need for a COSHH sheet.

    Manufacturer's MSDS sheets detail storage, what to do in case of spillage, warnings etc. - everythng you need to know!
  7. Ruby19
    Thanks Nigel,

    Do you know how I determine if a product is hazardous? I havte the materials sheets from Dermalogica forall their products but I am not sure which are hazardous and which are not?

  8. marketing-geek
    anything that is hazardous should have a symbol on the packaging - or should say either flammable, corrosive, irritant, harmful to the environment etc

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