Flat Nails with no c curve

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Fab Freak, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Fab Freak
    I have a lady booked for a full set of Pink and White L&P and her nail has no C curve at all, not a hint of an arch and I dont think there is one tip in my collection that will fit her nail other than pre tayloring #1's to fit.

    SO would you sculpt or tip in this case.

    Thanks all
  2. scattyfox
    I would sculpt, if you try and make a tip fit sometimes they tend to ping off, or use the eclipse or formaion tips by creative cant remember which one without looking as one of these is for more square nails, mine are like this.
  3. Bagpuss
    Eclipse tips are great for flat nails cos they have a little nip in the well which opens up when the tip is applied therefore making it spread out on the nail instead of cupping the nail like a regular tip.
  4. christi

    I would sculpt the nail and then pinch it to form just a nice c curve. you can then build a good apex to give the nail a loverly shape?

    If you prefere tips i use Ultra form by Star nails they have about a 30% c curve (i think- as i have not measured it lol) and then pre taylor them so there is hardley any blend to do?

    Oh and Angie has just remined me on , there are some nails from Millennium called Feather Tip (i think) that have that little v nip cut bit in the nail which are great for flat nail bed's (11.95 per 400) or you can buy a little sample pack of 20 for about 80 something pence, worth a try?
    Luv 'n' hugs
  5. Fab Freak
    Hi Christi

    I've got the Ultraform but even those are too curvey
    As are formation, I was doing a nail art party at her house and we got chatting and even the Formation Tips still had too much curve for her nails, I would thnk they'd just pop off due to the pressure

    I think I will just have to sculpt and create the curve with my product
  6. Urban Geek
    I would use gelbond to apply the tip as this can help give more shape to the stress area. Gelbond also ensures that their are no gaps between the natural nail and the tip.
  7. christi
    Oh your so right there i forgot about the good old faithful Gelbond. I think it also give a bit of flexability, as you have said it fills in any gaps under the nail tip so it can be placed just how you want it?

    Good luck with your client, keep us informed !

    luv 'n' hugs

    OPI Dimensions Excellent choice, Well said Ohio Nails!
  8. Ohio Nail Tech
    Actually OPI's Dimension tips are fairly flat and I've had great success with them for those who have almost no curve to their natural nail. Scuplting is just a lot faster but if you feel more comfortable using tips, try Dimension.
  9. geeg
    You can cut a 'notch' or 'v' in any nail tip to ease it out and make it go flatter ... you can cut several if you need to. How do you think we 'oldies' coped with these problems before we were all spoiled by so many different choices of tips etc???

    As for pinching a flat nail ... I would never advise doing this. Build up the shape with your product and your skill. How painful is that ... to pinch a flat nail into some sort of a curve. Why is this pinching thing all of a sudden ??? Try skill with your brush .. it works and it doesn't cause pressure or pain to the client.
  10. Sassy Hassy
    I use the LCN 100 tips for flat nail plates, Creative Eclipse for flat nail plates with deep side walls, and the Tip Company tips (wah can't remember which ones) for all else, they cover me for every eventuality( well 99.9% of the time!).
  11. christi
    Whoops sorry!

    I didn't mean to advise you wrongly : with regards to pinchin.
    Again i haven't explained myself properly.
    I just meant nip your product a little to form a slight c curve at the product tip.

    The only time i have seen or hared of Pinchin mentioned was at the Creative Nail Design Monday Mentoring with Ketan Patel. If i am right he probably meant nip not pinch ( i think)?

    I really should engage my brain before i engage my jaw line?

    Sorry again Louise.
    luv 'n' hugs
  12. Peter Pan
    does she have any free edge? - if so SCULPT THE NAIL
  13. Mrs Geek

    That is JUST what I was going to say.... or sculpt although difficult on flat nails!
  14. Katelisa
    Shouldnt that be fingers!!! lol. :D

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