Flowers for pedicure what do you use please?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by nailzandbeauty, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. nailzandbeauty
    :hug:Hi just wanted to know where you got yours from or what do you use to put in the bowls when soaking, i wanting some flowers but where to get them from where i live is probly a nono.Any tips would be good thanks x
  2. nailzandbeauty
  3. RedAdmiral
    I'm not sure about flowers but when I worked in a spa we used silk petals. I wouldnt say you could sanitse them I threw them out each time as I only used about 5.
    I have seen in Nailpro mag leaves that you can put into a bowl tho have never seen them over this side of the pond.
  4. EmJZ
    where I live we have floral sections in our grocery stores. I just head there and grab a bunch of reasonable priced ones. If they are small enough I just put the bloom in the water but if they are too big I take off the petals. I just threw them out after. I found that much more price friendly than the ones I could get from our supplier. But becasue they're real flowers I add epsom salts and some essential oils depending on the client.

  5. nailzandbeauty
    Thanks guys,I think we have a florist here dont really use flower shops tbh, but i will have a look., any more ideas more then welcome x
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  6. Urban Geek
    I usually put a few slices of fresh lemon in my pedicure bowl and it looks lovely and clients always comment on it x
  7. hippy-chick
    order dried rose petals from a soapmakers suppliers.
    alternatively get yourself to aldi and buy a pack of flowers for under £2 and that will last you all week.
  8. nailzandbeauty
    Now that sounds great dried petals as i bet you can buy them in bags,throw a few in the water and away you go.Now off to find some!! also gona get some lemons in aswell and swap them about thanks guys i will also pop in the flower shop and see what they have........anymore for anymore?
  9. hippy-chick

    you can get dried orange and lemon slices from the soap makers suppliers.

    what I do is make mini bath bombs with a sprinkling of rose petals on the top, when I pop 2 into the pedicure bowl, it fizzes gently, releases the aromas of the essential oils and has a delicate display of rose petals.

    alternatively, when the client lowers their feet into the water, sprinkle the petals over.

    I grow a lot of my own herbs and flowers, and its great to pick a fresh rose in the morning and take it to work with me, I pull off a few petals and put them on the water.

    for the months that I haven't any flowers, I use the dried flowers.
  10. Sharkster
    I wouldn't half mind the recipie for these Ann!
  11. hippy-chick
    Making bath bombs

    To make 4-6 use tablespoons as your measurements, to that add 6 drops of essential oil

    1 part citric acid
    3 parts bicarbonate of soda
    floral water or witch hazel
    essential oils of your choice
    dried botanicals of your choice

    ice cube tray
    small bowl
    measuring spoon
    spray bottle for floral water or witch hazel
    tea strainer or sieve

    1. Sieve your bicarb into the bowl (if you buy it in tubs from the supermarket you don't have to sieve it).
    2. Add citric acid and stir in.
    3. Add few drops of *essential oils (*if you are aromatherapy trained) and stir in.
    4. Take spray bottle and spray twice, mix in, spray twice, mix in (will probably only take 6-8 sprays). It is ready when the mix resembles damp sand, you can only correctly check this if you grab a handful and squeeze.
    [do not overwet the mixture, and/or spray too much too quickly as it will activate the citric acid and your mix will start to become spongy).
    5. Add a sprinkle of botanicals in the bottom of the ice cube trays (I add 2-3 table confetti pieces too).
    6. Press mixture firmly into the cube tray to about half full. Take your time pressing the mix in as this is what stabilises the bathbomb, any airpockets will cause the bomb to crumble and break.
    7. Leave for 12-24 hours to dry out before turning out.
    8. Place in an airtight jar or a cellophane bag.

    To use:
    Add 2 ice cube bath bombs to warm water.

    I use heart shaped ice cube trays, I use gold heart table confetti, rose petals and rose water as my theme.
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  12. Sharkster
    Thanks Ann, you are a wealth of fabulous information!

    They sound just divine, I'll be taking over the kitchen tomorrow!
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  13. nailzandbeauty
    Found this link the others are very expensive about £30 + for bags of petals but these seem ok what do you think?
    Artificial Silk Orchid Heads
  14. marioned
    Thanks Ann, I didn't realse they were so easy to make. Where do you get citric acid? The chemist or the soapmaker supplier as you mentoned above? Would I just ask for this, or is it on the shelf if the chemist? Would I get the rosewater and the "dried botanicals" (oooh that sounds very "witchy" LOL) from the suppliers too? xx
  15. hippy-chick

    bicarbonate of soda - tubs from supermarket, like supacook
    citric acid - some old fashioned chemists sell it, as do some homebrew shops, but better off getting it from soapmakers
    floral water - hydrosol is expensive, I generally get my rose or lavender water from boots, or witch hazel from the chemist
    botanicals - soapmakers
    table confetti - haberdashers, tescos
    ice cube trays, chocolate box layers, small jelly or chocolate moulds, egg cups, even silver trays that you make your mince pies in, or get professional bath bomb moulds from soapsuppliers.

    The problem with getting stuff from soap makers is:
    1. they usually charge £6 p&p.
    2. you usually have to buy large quantities

    try soaposh or justsoap
  16. marioned
    Thanks for the info! xx
  17. Exquisite Touch
    I got my petals from ikea i think they were £1.69 for 100
  18. sknight
    OMG I don't put anything in the water like flowers and stuff!! Do you think all my clients are thinking "Erm.... where are my flowers??" I better start eh?

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