Full body massage on a 12 yr old?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by laurenbeautyroo, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. laurenbeautyroo
    I was out of the salon today and when I went in later, one of my girls said that a regularish client had rang and booked a full body massage for her 12 year old girl. She took her number and said that I would ring her back to confirm.
    Is it ok to do this? I don't know for what reason she wants this particular treatment but I will call tomorrow and ask. Is it ok to do this? I feel abit undure about it.
    Any help would be great thanks
  2. TracyS
    I've done massage before on my friend's 12 year old son, but at her house with her around. He's a swimmer and trains about 35hrs a week on top of school so sometimes he just needs a bit of a stretch out ifkwim.

    I have to be honest though and say if I was booked by a client for a 12 year old I probably wouldn't, but I'd find out the details first.

    On a lighter note, my mate's son has Olympic swimming potential so I'm hoping it bags me tickets for the Rio Olympics :wink2:
  3. jujojones
    Personally I do not do children under 16, this is a personal choice and due to my insurance.
    I do think children benefit from receiving massage, I give my own children regular ones, but i feel uncomfortable to do others.

    If you do not feel comfortable then dont do it! If you do do it ensure the parent is in the room at all times with you.
  4. J.Victoria
    Definitely the parent must be in the room at all times if you decide to go ahead. I wouldn't, but that's personal choice.
  5. kimxmx
    I think you know the answer to this already as you have mentioned you are unsure, and I defo agree with you being unsure it's a defo big nono - say to your client your insurance wont cover you- (in actual fact they might not anyway)
    Defo different on your own children but unfortunatly with the world as it is even having the parent in the room wont offer you much protection if any sort of allegation were to be made x
  6. Matthew Taylor
    It has the potential to be a can of worms!!!

    Id say if you were intent on doing it, then to have the parent in the room at the same time.

    Id not risk putting myself in that position; but on the other hand it could well be all fine and dandy.
  7. Purple Haz
    I wouldnt do it either, 12 is just a bit young. She maybe just wants to treat her daughter and thought the likes of a massage would be nice, I wouldn't make an issue of not doing the massage just maybe give her a phone and say that she's a bit young to benefit from a massage but what about a mani or a pedi for her? Even offer minx or something if you do them? Hth.x
    This is a bit of a tricky one......... I can see it from both sides, the 12 year old could have growing aches & pains, stressed with exams, do lots of sports etc but must admit I dont know why but I would feel uneasy with this, a back massage - yes fine, full body - no.
    I would probably phone the Mum, have a chat then maybe offer a facial & explain it includes face, head, neck & shoulder massage too. As mentioned above the Mum could just want to really pamper her daughter - & I guess for a lot of people a full body massage sums up complete pampering/relaxation! :D x
  9. Nailsinlondon1
    If you are treating any child you will need to have a CBR check...... even the dinner ladies at the school have had this check....just a thought.
  10. jcpark
    Massage is fine for children, provided the practitioner is trained, understands and is aware of the difference in treating children, however, I do agree with nailsinlondon1 - the main issue would be whether the practitioner has a crb check. If not, then they should not be giving any treatments (massage or otherwise) to children. I''m not sure if having the parent in the room at the same time would make a difference to the crb check requirement, although it may be worth asking, however, in my experience, children of that age don't want their parents in the room anyway.
  11. soriminah
    I work with football teams - they are aged 12-15. Usually a parent or coach is present during treatment - most of the time it's on the sideline so have the rest of the team present too along with parents. One of the requirements here is a blue card which is issued by the commission for children and young people and child guardian and I also have a level 2 sports trainer qualification which is required to work with sporting teams and individuals.

    I have no issue with working on children. Provided the parent\guardian gives consent and fills in the appropriate forms, then I treat children no different to adults.
  12. Katelisa
    Do you still need a crb check if the parent or guardian is there? I thought a crb was an optional thing which some employers require, not a legal requirement, as we can't apply for them ourselves anyway.
  13. Katelisa
    I've had a look on direct.gov and it says you need a crb if you regularly work with under 18's (I think it was 18, fish memory lol). But it doesn't say wether it's needed if they are visiting you with parental guidance.
  14. laurenbeautyroo
    I have had a CRB check when I got my special licence with the council. All my therapists have. Still a bit unsure but could not get through to the mother today.
  15. emlouise_87
    If you dont want to do it I'd say you are not covered for it in your insurance. If you do, have the parent in the room and don't apply as much pressure x
  16. jacquelineanna
    Ooh, unusual dilemma.

    I've never ever been asked to do a massage of any kind on anyone under the age of 18.

    And after pondering on this for a short while I think I would not be happy to do this.

    I would wax certain areas (brows/legs) or do nails or feet or a facial but massage doesn't 'feel' right to me.

    Jacqui xx

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