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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Rachy Roo, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Rachy Roo
    Can anybody tell me - what temperature GHDs heat up to please?

    I have some, love them, fab, can't fault them, only problem - they don't work in USA due to the voltage been too high. So I got some other cheaper ones that work worldwide for xmas - they heat up to 210 degrees, but they just don't cut the mustard - I've been searching around and says ghds are 210 degrees too - can straightener heat vary, as per the kind of ceramic plates? Or from brand to brand?? I'm sure you hairdressers will know xxx
  2. Kim Lawless
    I don't know think it's the temperature, it's just that GHD's are amazing. xxx
  3. tracey louise
    for some reaon i thought ghds heated up to 230 degrees.not sure why:confused:. the thing with ghds performance wise for me i think is the combination of the quality of the plates as well as the it cant just be the heat otherwise any hair straightener that heats to the same temperature should in theory be just as good,but there not:!: jmo
  4. VillageNails
    version 4 ghd's work fine in the states - might have to treat yourself??????? just anything else will not do will it lol??????
  5. natsel
    im sure its round the 230 mark :)
  6. -sophisticutz-
    Sorry to disapoint ladies but the new mark 4 only heat up to 180 degrees. Ghd lowered the temp because after 180 degrees the hair doesnt get any straighter it just damages it. In fact when using GHD's the working temperature drops to arounds 165-170.

    Still wouldnt trade them for any others ;)
  7. Rachy Roo
    wow 180 thats amazing - thanks for the advice ladies - how do they do it, its amazing xx
  8. natsel
    thanks for that i thought it was 230 im shocked since i have a pair of straightners that heat to 230 but there still not as good as ghds

    i found this on the ghd website

    “Your ghd stylers heat up to around 180 degrees Celsius. Because they conduct heat so quickly, they also retain it more effectively, too, resulting in instant, long-lasting heat for optimum styling.”
  9. Helsbels23
    i use Nicky Clarke's new desiRED range - they heat up to 230 C and straighten my hair better than GHD's
  10. Jonathan c
    Whilst high street straighteners have caught up massively with professional ones, I still think ghd, T3 and FHI Hair are still way ahead. Temperature is a big factor in straighteners but ghd's technology has allowed better straightening at lower temperatures keeping a higher overall average temperature do to fast reheating time. Others have high peaks and troughs in temp.
    Watch out for copies of ghd's online though the paid listings are absolutely full of them.. golden rule? If it is bellow £90 IT IS a fake!
  11. jotommo
    i have some babyliss ones from argos aand swear by them. they have a temp gauge on it which is great they go from 160 to 230.
    as my hair is quite curly it is weak so ghd's just burn it!! xxx
  12. Eyelash_Stylist
    Have you heard about the Babyliss new Kit they are bringing out? I read it in a trade magazine last week and you get an large slim straightener which the temp is between 120C - 230C, a mini straightener, heat mat and clips too! I think you can buy the kit for £95 which I think is definitely worth more than buying a GHD on its own? I like the pink colour too - have a look on their site. BaByliss Pro / Nano Titanium Straightener Kit

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