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Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by BeautG, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. BeautG
    Hi am I allowed to ask about hair colours?
    It's for myself I'm not trained in hair, just nails/ beauty but unsure if/ where I can post as I've seen a thread about people asking questions from other areas??

  2. Noodle
    Staff Member
    You can ask, but should be aware that our hair professionals are not allowed to give detailed technical information or colour formulas to those without any training in the hairdressing field.
  3. BeautG
    Thanks, i understand, it's not technical advice I'm after.

    Basically my hair is dark brunette, I started having it dyed a similar colour to hide a few greys but I've noticed under certain lights it looks an orangey/red colour, is that normal for brown hair that's had dye on? Will it ever fade? My natural brown colour I would say is more cool toned.

  4. JJH93
    Once you colour hair you 'unveil' (can't think of any other way to explain it) all the red/orange colour molecules so yes, very common :)
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  5. BeautG
    Thank you for your reply
  6. JJH93
    No problem :) if you don't like it you could speak to your hairdresser and see if she can give you an ash brown?
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  7. BeautG
    Yes I think I will speak to her, thanks for the info. I only notice it in certain lights but when I do it's very noticeable!
  8. JJH93
    No problem :) everyone's got a preference between warmth and ash, just let her know you prefer ash :)
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