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Discussion in 'Skin' started by beauty2011, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. beauty2011
    Hi i have started my own mobile beauty business in Newcastle Upon Tyne and i am very interested in attending the training course for HD Brows but i am wondering if i will have much interest for the treatment. I only know a hand full of salons that offer this and they have bookings all the time but not sure if i will have much demand. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  2. milliondollars
    I've never trained it myself as course so expensive and I already know how to do most of the things involved!! It's in demand but you are paying for the brand name. Good product and well packaged but I won't be offering it myself x
  3. hippy-chick
    I am hoping to attend a course very soon in brow perfection and this will be Durham area if you are interested.

    This will be run by an experienced BT and make-up artist.

    the HD 7 steps have been revealed, and a lot of people are looking at the list and thinking what is so special and they are already doing most of those steps naturally.

    Hd brows is a concept, its a brand, and people love that, so if you want to have the brand, spend the money and buy the products and the retail and go for it, you will have hd supporting you and encouraging you I am sure.
  4. TracyS
    hey hippy-chick, I'd be interested in that brow perfection course if you have any details for it.
  5. joanne.h
    I am very interested in this but wondered if it's a certain company running the course your talking about so I could see if they offered anything closer to me. I looked at the hd course but like u say your paying for brand but I think the concept would be a massive thing in my salon so I would appreciate the info
    Thanks x
  6. bombshel
    Ooh I'm also in the north east and would be interested in this course if you could forward the details on. There's only one other salon in my town that offer this service but I roughly get about 5 ppl per week enquiring about it xx

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