help , what r mink lashes?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by lisa.frankie, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. lisa.frankie
    hi girls
    after training with marvelash who in my opinion were rubbish !
    i now after months of tried and tested etc am using flirties glue and bought some lash perfect lashes at olympia so am just running out now, am doing lots and lots of lashes and am very confident and happy with application and time is coming along etc.
    i am keen to get my time up even more and was debating buyinh mink lashes. i have herd they are actually synthetic mink, but have also heard that mink lashes are just lashes on a strip
    ??? can anyone clear this up for me.
    also have only been using 0.15 for fear of stressing natural lashes plus i get fab results , what does anyone think of using 0.20?.... is there much difference?
    thanx girls xx
  2. elliebee

    Mink lashes are just synthetic, individual lashes that come on a strip. I only use these now as I find them much easier to pick up than loose lashes. (I have seen genuine Mink too but would never use these myself)

    Re thickness, it's down to how strong clients' natural lashes are, and what look they are after. I tend to use 0.15 and change the look by the AMOUNT of lashes I apply, rather than the thickness of the lashes themselves. I personally feel 0.2 are too "plasticky" looking (real word)??
    My clients want a natural look - just longer and fuller - not false.

    hth x
  3. Blinkingorgeous

    Elliebee is right about her description of the mink lashes - I personally use the mink lashes on a strip and taped to the back of your hand, I was taught this way and think its fab.

    I always use .20 lashes although I have .15 and .25. It does depend on the clients lashes ofcourse but I find my clients want and like the look a .20. If I have an older client whose lashes are more delicate I automatically put lighter lashes on. I wouldnt feel worried about using a .20 they are great enabling you to create different looks.

  4. ellzbellz
    i live in spain and really want to do the lashes course i like the idea of the mink lashes as they sound easy to apply does anyone know were i can do a course???:rolleyes:
  5. jinxy501
    Where do you get your mink lashes from? The ones I get seem to be reAlly stuck on the strip making pick up difficult unless they're .20 thickness, also which tweezers do you use are they the x type? X

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