How many different nail services does everyone offer?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by sarahpoppy24, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. sarahpoppy24
    Hi everyone, was just wondering how may different services everyone offers. Heres my list.
    L and p nail enhancments (including nail bed extension/opaque)
    Gel nail enhancments
    coloured/glittered acrylic powders
    Nail art, encapsulations etc
    Hollywood/glitter toes
    Natural nail overlays
    soon to be shellac
    Was just wondering what every one else does and is there anything different or unique that you all offer.:green:xxxx
  2. C-C My Nails
    I offer 4 types of enhancements (L&P, Gel, Fiberglass, Gel Polish)
    3 types of natural nail services (dry, standard, spa)
    And all of the add-ons that you could imagine-glitter, color, extra length, runway shapes, decals, stamping, rhinestones, canes, etc.
    However, 85% of my clients do gel and the rest do gel polish. So, I occasionally do the other types on myself just to keep in practice.
  3. skymark
    I offer a very simple treatment menu

    Full Manicure
    Full Pedicure
    L&P (Recently ben stopping it due to allergy)

    I would like to add nail art once I get some learning done on the subject.

    I know many people have an extensive menu but I couldnt keep up with explaining to customers I have 3 different manis and pedis to choose from or I have l&p, glitter l&p, overlays etc.

    I like life as simple as possible
  4. honeycure
    Spa Mani/Pedi
    Bio Sculpture
    2D/3D nail art

    Hmmm when I list it out like that, it seems like my salon is very simple, haha. I mostly market my art though
  5. Beautification
    L&P enhancements inc extending Nail Beds
    Glitter & Colour acrylic powders
    Nail art: Sequins, fimo canes, decals
    Acrylic glitter toes
    Dashing Diva

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