How much should I charge for Creative Spa Manicure and Pedicure?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Tracys Beauty, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Tracys Beauty
    hi geeks
    i have booked on to the creative spa manicure and pedicure course for the 28th of april in milton keynes and wanted to no if any one else was booked on to it aswell,
    i cant wait for the course and to get my kit!!!!!!!!!!
    i have the raw earth and solar manicure range already and think they are really nice products and my client love them,
    how much should i charge for the spa manicure and pedicure?
    thanks tracy x
  2. hayls
    Hiya Tracy, you will really enjoy the day, fab products!!! I came away quite sleepy!! :lol:

    As for how much to charge, it really does depend on your area, I am in South West Wales and charge £24 for a Spa Manicure and £26 for a Spa Pedicure. Thats kind of middle of the road for my area!

    Enjoy the day hun!! xxxxx:hug:
  3. Tracys Beauty
    thanks hayls
    at the mo i charge £16.00 for a basic ped and £22.00 for deluxe ped
    £15.00 for basic man and £20.00 for deluxe manicure so i think i will put my prices up once i have done my course,
    i have been looking forward to this for age now.
    where did you do your course?
    tracy x
  4. HookersnGin
    I'm new to this site so forgive me...
    At the salon I work at In southern California we charge $100.00 for the mani pedi combo
  5. Orincesse
    Creative Spa manicures and raw earth pedicures are my favourite things to do. I did the course ages ago so won't be on it sweetie, but you'll have a great time.
  6. Tracys Beauty
    i have just realised that the thread name has changed as i did call it creative spa man and ped course booked not what it is now ?
    because it looks like i have gone made as i did ask about how much to charge in a thread i did before ,but really wanted to no if any geeks are booked on to the spa man and ped in milton keynes, well any way how did you all get on with the training
    tracy x
  7. Nafia
    in us dollars I charge 25 for the manicure and 50 for the pedicure when i run special I charge 65 for the combo
  8. champagne
    Im there with you tracy on the 28th ..........

    Ohhhh I get to meet a geek lol
  9. Tracys Beauty
    oh brilliant will be nice to meet you
    tracy x:)
  10. MrsR
    If the Leeds one is full I may be joining you both - will know tomorrow x
  11. Tracys Beauty
    oh that will be good
    3 geeks lol
    tracy x
  12. hayls
    I did mine in Bridgend with Andrea Sanderson.
  13. geeg
    To answer your question, they will advise you on your course about charging for this service and will give you lots of ideas for adding value to the service but in ways that will not cost you too much!! WAIT and SEE,
  14. Minipig007
    Make that 4 geeks! I'll be there too!
  15. MrsR
    Im booked on the Leeds one ladies x
  16. Tracys Beauty
    thats good minipig
    only 2 weeks 6 days to go i cant wait ,
    tracy x
  17. Minipig007
    Does anyone know if where we're training also has a shop there too? I've run out of a few essentials and will need them for the course, but I don't have a chance to go out today!
  18. champagne
    Yes there is a shop in MK x
  19. Tracys Beauty
    its like a sweet shop lol x
  20. Minipig007
    Thank goodness! cheers for the replies! look foward to meeting some Geeks tomorrow! not looking forward to the early start to drive up... couldn't believe it when i realised the train would take just as long!! madness!!

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