How to fix patchy/missing tan!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Sher16, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Sher16
    Hi all,

    I am posting as a consumer - someone who has been tanned not someone who does the spraying!

    I have had a spray tan but theres a huge stripe that isnt tanned diagonally down my thigh at the front.

    Is there anything I can do to "fill in" the white patch or to fade the edge of the tan to try and blend it and I can cover it with instant tan when I have bare legs ? I wear dresses alot so until its worn off I am screwed.

    I am having to wear opaque tights tonight so not very happy :eek:(

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  2. Lush-Lash
    was this like this as soon as the tan had been done? (I'm assuming if it was, the spray tanner would of seen the patch missing in the guide colour & corrected it there & then) have you phoned the lady who sprayed you? She should sort it for you. Rather than having to try to fix it yourself x
  3. Lush-Lash
    Looking at the photo more closely, that to me looks like something you have maybe accidentaly done after the tan. It looks like it's been wiped off some how. Like when you've got dressed (although it is a large area that has been affected! So maybe not caused from getting dressed!) or you might of slept funny? Or did you have products on this part of the skin whilst you got tanned so could be why it hadn't taken to this particular area? Do you remember how the lady sprayed your legs? As in was it up/down, side to side, in circles? Etc.. Might help us understand how it's been done. xx
  4. Lush-Lash
    As for filling it in... I'd go with option 1 of going back to the spray tanner & getting her to patch it up, I'm sure a quick call will sort that. x
  5. Sher16
    I get tans a lot and I (think) I am quite good with them, my preparation is good....havent ever had issues.

    I came straight home put baggy pjs on, lay on my sofa, brushed teeth, tied up hair then went to bed - literally! Ha ha!

    Sounds odd but I actually sleep on my back and barely move when I have had a tan - my partner takes the mick! Says i prop myself up then literally close my eyes until the next day! We laugh about it... sooo... i am sure (well I hope) I didnt do anything in my sleep. I've already tried to work out anything i could have did wrong and matched my other limbs to the mark but its basically right across
    My thigh - so would b very awkward to have another limb in the position.

    I did ring her (the day after at 4pm when i properly realised) and she kindly told me to come back to get it resprayed however I was going out so I said it was okay. She didnt know what to tell me to try and fill it in/fix myself.

    Ill be getting tanmed again soon so its fine, I didnt want to be a pain either, just wanted to try fix it until its worn off and I can get a new tan....

    Also- sprayed up and down ways. I didnt actually notice the gap at time but to be fair I didnt really check i just stood texting for 5mins then quickly grabbed my clothes. She did respray an extra bit on my back as said she missed a bit and one of my feet were missed too she noticed as i put my sandals on, she resprayed it too.

    Just keen to try and blend it or fill the gap in myself for now, dont mind if its not perfect, aslong as it looks better than a huge white gap i'll be okay!

    Thanks all for advice X
  6. Sher16
    Ps noticed you do nouvatan! Im dying to find a nouvatan tanner near me :-( have even emailed a girl at nouvatan who steve told me would provide me a number for a nouvatan girl near me but no reply :-( boohoo!

    This tan is st tropez or laurens way one or other (she uses both) forgot to ask which she used this time. It wears off rubbish (both do on me) but not normally half white bits so know its just a small(ish!) mishap this time! X
  7. skindeep72
    Hi, I know you said you didn't do much after your spray but maybe you crossed your legs and didn't even know. It's weird how she sprayed up and down and left a patch like this. Or it could be you still had some kind of product on your skin.

    There is a fake tan you can buy from the chemist. It is for legs and comes in light med and dark and is wonderful. It hides everything bruises etc. just spray 1 dot onto the area and blend in if your just wanting the patch covered. Remember to wash hands after lol:) x
  8. skindeep72
    Sorry quoted wrong one lol x
  9. Sher16
    Is the airbrush legs? That tan?
    Will get some today. Thanks guys x

    Re crossing legs, i thought that too but there is no mark on my other leg. Anyhow no worries itll wear off soon! Til then ill try that spray to fill it in. I tried instant fake bake and it looked worse...eek!
  10. Rhiannon1408
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  11. Lolly22
    Why thank you so much Rhiannon. You are a little star! Will pm you later to catch up when on the computer.

    To the OP. wow! Thats a huge white bit! You could try masking it with some instant but I still think it will be noticeable. What a nightmare! And if you are anywhere near me I would happily spray you :)
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  12. Sher16
    Lolly i have mailed you!

    Thanks Rhiannon! x
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  13. Pmcnaught0
    I do NOUVATAN I am in fife? Dontt know if it's close to you?
  14. Sher16
    Im in West Lothian :-( sorry x where in Fife are you?

    Yes the Ambre Solaire tanning mists are fab, about £11 and you can just spray over that area. I regularly do that to my hands and face about 5 days after my spray tan just to top them up!

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