LCN gel-any info?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by g.lo, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. g.lo

    is there someone who uses LCN sculpture gel!
    if yes, could you tell me as much as possible about it, pro & Con, training, how much a kit cost, eveything.
    I am gatheing information about different type of gel for sculpture before making up my mind.

    thank all
  2. Oceana
    Hi Gabby,
    I am an LCN techncian and have good experience of the products and education.
    LCN carry a whole range of gel products for every type of client and nail, they have a cell toxicoligically tested hypo allergenic gel for particularly sensitive clients, a one phase system, a natural nail protection system, a self levelling system and the classic 3 step sculpture. LCN do a whole range of colour finishes and french finishes as well as products for damaged/problem nails and toe nails.
    I generally use the 3 step system (Bonder-Sculpture-Sealant) for tip and overlay, sculptured nails and also natural overlays.

    BCI run a Complete Nail Technician course which covers manicure,pedicure, tip&overlay and sculpting....this is run over several months enabling you to practice at home, you will receive weekly support phone calls to make sure you are getting on ok and if you need any help or advice (this is the same procedure with any course) There are courses run regularly which include Conversion, Foundation, Sculptured Nail Workshops, Examinations Level 1&2 and various workshops and seminars.

    LCN products are not pre-mixed acrylics like some gels on the market today, they are strong, durable, non yellowing, odourless, they won't age or go brittle and are acid free.

    Feel free to PM me if u need any more advice/info.
    Check out

  3. g.lo
    hi clare,

    ta for your help, i have checked the website and it is really attracting me.
    What about cost is it really dear, are there more expensive than Brisa, i am more interested in the 3 phases for full sculpture.

    thanks lol
  4. Oceana
    Hi again,
    As far as I am aware LCN products are more expensive than Brisa...but, the pack sizes are bigger and Brisa do not do a clear sculpting gel, it is self levelling. If like me, you prefer a non self-levelling gel, a sculplting gel you can really do a lot with then LCN Sculpture is your best bet!
    There are 3 sealants available too so your client can pick the exact finish she wants.
    I have seen and tried a lot of gels and as far as I am concerned LCN is the most superior and most technologically advanced (LCN have been working with their chemists for over 20 years!)

    Clare x
  5. g.lo
    hi clare,

    really appreciate your help, i have requested information from them!
    i have tried the NSI balance, it is great strong, but the only thing is the pink does not cover nail damage and for any reason the primer seems to turn my nail plate a chalky color. i will order a sample kit of akzentz as well before making my decision.

    thanks again
  6. Nailsinlondon1
    Hi there,
    Just a little info...........
    Brisa do Pink, White, Clear and Natural Sculpting gels and a clear sealer gel and a white paint on gel.....I use them all the time lol....... more is being added to the range very soon..........
    Now where is my Voddy ???
  7. Oceana
    There is an LCN Sculpture gel called Pastel which is opaque and I use this for covering any marks on the nail plate...also I sculpt using the pastel and then use the FM Colour (thin resin) to paint the smile line where I want it to be to create a flattering look with a longer nail bed.

    LOL Ruth, getting mine too!!
  8. perfect10kb
    Hi There ,

    Just to throw my two penneth worth in .

    Light Elegance also do Sculpting gels in Clear,French White and Natural cream. We also do a self levelling one step gel ,gels suitable for weak nails , a gel with 10% fiberglass added, have a Hypoallergenic gel and thats not to mention Top coats in Pink, Clear and Sparkle . Oh yes I forgot all our col gels .

    I swapped to Light Elegance about three years ago after using LCN for about 2 years . I can tell you that the price of our gels is about 40% less than LCN and when I did my conversion with them 5 years ago the day (although it included a kit ) was about £450.( Can't remember exactly ,having a senior moment !!!)

    As I think I metioned before you are not that far from us so you are welcome to come and visit any time where I will be only too pleased to take you through the range . In fact I have a Geek from the site visiting me tomorrow so that she can watch me with a client and see the range .

    Sorry to confuse you even more :eek: . if you want to take look at our site there is a link on here in UK distributors .

    Kind Regards
    Light Elegance UK

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