Letter to send clients who have not attended in the last 6 months

Discussion in 'Skin' started by sallou, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. sallou
    Hello, I would like to send out a letter to clients that have fallen away over the last 6 months and then also thank my ragular customers. Does anyone have any letter suggestions or offer suggestions. I am hoping to send out old client letters for Christmas so don't want to give to much away and then thank my loyal ones with a Christmas card to keep them spending in January/ February.
    Any ideas gratefully recieved thank you
  2. jacquelineanna
    Maybe something like,

    Hello xxxx

    Although we haven't seen you at the salon in a while I do hope all is well.

    I'd just like to update you on some of the new treatments now on offer at our salon and enclose a leaflet for information only.

    I do hope that you are happy with the beauty treatments you currently receive but would equally welcome you back to our salon at any time in the future should you so wish.

    Kind regards


    Jacqui xx
  3. FreyaBeauty
    Dear client,

    I'd like to start by thanking you for coming to xxxx (companies name) for the last few years, months, weeks.

    As a thank you I'd like to offer you 20% off your next treatment booked before December 2011. (or an offer you see fit)

    We have some special offers coming out in December and the new year, along with wonderful Christmas gifts for your friends an family.

    I'll look forward to seeing you soon.

    Xxxxx (your name)


    I wouldn't make a point of the client not being their in the last few months as they may have a million reasons as to why they haven't come to the salon, plus if I received a letter that said "hey haven't seen you in a while hope all is ok?? Etc" it would actually make it harder to make an appointment as I'd think "oh dame they noticed I've not been and now it will be awkward when I go in" therefore I wouldn't go... But that's just me from my personal point of view I'd make it light and fresh so they think "aw that lovely she thought of me, best use my discount" : )

    I hope that helps x
  4. unas escarlata
    in my previous life we had some lovely postcards, logoed on the front with "we've missed you" in big letters, space on the back for message one side address on the other.

    Benefits - everyone whose hands that go through before that reaches your customer will see your brand, and, more importantly that you care about your customers.

    I did use them and I did get some returning customers.....
  5. kezza*
    If you have some new treatment's you could do it as a newsletter instead. That way it looks like your just sending out letters to update client's what's going on in your salon. Also you could mention gift vouchers for Christmas pressie's, if you are stocking any xmas gift's or even xmas pamper pakage's.
  6. geeg
    I think an warm invitation rather than a general cold news letter .. I have done it and it does work. You don't have to hide the fact that you are inviting them to return to you in a letter full of special offers, which to my mind looses the whole personal touch and just screams. " we want your money and here are a few deals to get your interest." Rather extend the hand of freindship. Let them know you want THEM to return.

    Dear *****.

    The busy summer season is over and now there is more time to think about 'you' as autumn closes in.

    To us, loosing a client is like loosing a friend and we would welcome seeing you in the salon when you start to think about you again.

    Warm regards,


    Short, sweet, lets them off the hook by giving them summer as an excuse for not coming in and is a personal invitation from YOU to her.

    If you know the person well, then a little hand written personal bit at the end is fine too. We are in a very personal business. In many instances we know more about our clients then their families do! Keep it personal if the client has been a regular, and if not, this little note is not too personal on its own.

    People are often embarrassed or just uneasy to return to a salon they have stopped frequenting ... this gives them the open door to walk right back in.
  7. WaxGirl
    That's lovely - really warm way of wording the letter - class idea
  8. beauti-licious
  9. sallou
    Thank you so much, Great advice. Will be busy now.
  10. sunshineinme
    Fantastic ideas!
  11. Strictly Lashes
    I send my clients a birthday card along with a small discount. It brings many of them back as this is personnel to them and it makes them feel I've remembered them as an individual. x
  12. geeg
    I'm glad that works for you ... personally as a customer I loathe being sent a meaningless birthday card that has been prompted by a computer and no personal thought behind it from the person or people in the salon. I know many salons do it .. I just don't like it myself and it would not make me return to a salon.

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