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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Chelseapep93, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Chelseapep93
    Hi, ive just seen a advertisement for Magic Lock's Hair extensions, apparently half the size of micro rings. What is this, i haven't heard of this method before?
  2. HairbyAsya
    Sounds like what I use from TantrumLocks, also Easilocks and Angel Locks
  3. jojemac
    Hairport by valentine do a brand called mini locks. I didn't really rate them to be honest. The bonds where a 1/3 of the size which is great but the copper tubes were too small for a lot of the bonds and I could even squeeze them into them!
  4. magiclocks
    Hi I seen your post RE Magic Locks,

    Magic Locks are a new method by Extensions Boutique Ltd.

    They are half the size of micro ring hair extensions! They are also flat when crushed meaning they dont stick out and can even be used on short hair.


    They can stay in for up to 3 months at a time, with the actual hair being able to re-use for 12 months or longer with correct care!

    There is a range of hair to choose from that is all compatiable with Magic Locks meaning you have a choice of prices for your customers to choose from.

    For more info on training with Magic Locks please ask.
    Amazing wholesale prices too !
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  5. Momobile hair Unqualified
    You work for them Im guessing ? ^ I dont think your allowed to advertise prices on here:eek: they get mad lol
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  6. AmberExt
    Branded nano rings?

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  7. carinaandrea
    Im really interested in magic locks could i please have more info? do you cover Scotland ?
  8. magiclocks

    Hi Carina,

    Yes we cover the whole of the UK and also provide one on one training if we do not already provide courses in your area.

    Please email or call 07593928820
  9. magiclocks


    These dont have an acrylic tip so are not the same as nano rings.

  10. RayneBow
    Do you need extra training to apply? Like nanos ?
  11. magiclocks
    Yes training is required, you can find our more info here magiclocks
    Yes that is correct. If you want to fit Nano Rings the Insurance Companies all insist you have a certificate for that specific method. A micro rings certificate or a micro loops certificate will not suffice.

    Insurance companies are tightening up on all their rules in connection with certification.
  13. GlamSquad lover
    Are these the same as Easilocks and EssexLocks? Im qualified in both? or are they completely new? Thanks

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