Magnifying glasses for Eyelash Extensions

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Timeless Tanning, May 26, 2011.

  1. Timeless Tanning
    Hi Geeks

    Do any of you use the magnifying glasses with the light from LashBase.

    I really struggle sometimes with lighting and finding lashes when lighting isn't great and wondered if anyone could recommend these or anything else similar.


  2. jurate
  3. Timeless Tanning
    Thanks, that looks great. Will be interesting to see if anyone that does eyelash extensions uses anything like this.


  4. Elaine143a
    I just use my mag lamp for lashes as i am not mobile. However, i do use the head lamp when I'm doing permanent make up, and its great. Messes your hair up a bit tho!
  5. mini4mum
    I use the deluxe magnifier from beauty express as my trainer had one & it was so much easier on my eyes than using a mag lamp. You can move around & don't have to keep adjusting the maglamp. I think it looks very professional too. Plus the bright lights aren't shining in to the clients face!
  6. thebeautician
    Just putting a stamp on this so I can find later! I've been looking for these without much luck...thanks!
  7. K-Lashes
    I bought one from ebay for about a tenner and it really works. I'm still in the practising stages of eyelash extensions and only used them whilst doing friends/family. They crack up laughing at me when they see me wearing it but i hope that clients won't. And yes it does mess your hair up :lol:
  8. Ms.Diva
    Hi Jurate... I bought that headlamp from Salon Services and found that the LED light was not strong enough. the magnification lenses were top class though! So for a while, I used the head-contraption with just the lenses and put a separate headlamp that I bought from Argos on (it has 7 LED lights and swivels. I will try and post the link to it. It's half price at the moment)
    Then I thought to myself. What the hell are you doing??? Just buy magnification GLASSES and use the Argos headlamp. I used to work in an opticians and would recommend that you see an optician so that he/she can prescribe the correct magnification for your own sight, working at the distance that you do. For me, the optician recommended +1.50s. (I NEVER lash without them - I can see all the baby hairs!) When I earn a bit more money, I will invest in the mag lamp and then I'll have a choice.
  9. Ms.Diva
  10. angelina221
    I use Nouveau's extending magnifying glasses. They are a bit pricey but I love them and I never lash without them. I bought some cheaper ones to start with and they kept slipping off my nose. I don't like the ones that go round your head as I don't want to mess my hair up.
    I use a lamp that I bought from Ikea and it's fab1
    Here's the links;
    Nouveau Shop

    IKEA | Lighting | Work lamps | GLOBAL | Work lamp

  11. sarahrose14
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  12. angelina221
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  13. leesse
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  14. Lou x
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  15. angelina221
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  16. Timeless Tanning
    Thanks Ladies

    I will look into all your suggestions, I didn't realise there were so many out there.

    I'm hoping it will be a great help to me and hopefully help make me even faster by not taking so long to find the right lashes.

    Jackie x
  17. tickle
    Hi there, I've tried both the Deluxe Headband like the one shown HERE and the magnifier specs shown HERE. I prefer the ones from Premier lash (just be sure to select the right magnification for your working distance). I couple these with a Head light which is much brighter than the light that comes with the mag/headlamp combos.

    I bought the Energizer 7 LED light from Halfords which you can see HERE not to be confused with the cheaper 5 LED version which isn't as bright. I do find I have to change the batteries every so often to keep the light at it's brightest, but with this combo I can always see everything super bright and clear - even lashes as fine as cotton candy!


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