Male intimate waxing & erections!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Reddyreddy, May 1, 2011.

  1. Reddyreddy

    I'm going to do a male intimate waxing course so I can start offering braziliians etc for guys.

    My question is this... how often do you wax guys that get an erection? I know it happens but I'm wondering is it the norm, frequent, occasional?

    Many thanks!
  2. BotoxBoy
    I've not had it done but I reckon not many lads would get an erection! Mainly due to the fear of the pain!
  3. scottishjoy
    When I did my male intimate waxing training 2 of the models got an erection. Before hand I was quite worried about what the hell I would do if I was faced with it so I'm glad it happened. They were embarrassed and we just carried on, ignored it and they quickly lost their erection.

    I imagine they were mortified! Just think of it as a completely involuntary reaction. Lots of blood rushing to the area.

    Once it happens for the first time you'll not be phased if it happens again :)
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  4. bearlove
    It happened to me with a regular who blamed it on his cholesterol tablets. :p yes but just don't make a big deal n carry on ... Or ask if they want a break? At the end of the day aim of the game is to get the hair off as fast as possible with no problems :) I think in this job you have to take things with a bit of humour and not get offend easily! but never ever carry on if it's feels uncomfortable for you in any sort of way, out of the norm! We just don't get paid enough for that!!!!!!
  5. fozzyo
    It happens with clients - its not a deal, comes with the territory. Sometimes it can actually be helpful - stretches the skin. As the old poster says, just keep calm and carry on.

  6. Jack Dunn
    I find that its often more occasional rather than a frequent occurence and often because clients are nervous etc..
    As Mat said ignore it and just carry on and generally things return to normal fairly quickly.
  7. MissConfused
    i find it happens quite often but it doesn't last... first pull of the wax and it's gone. it doesn't bother me and i don't really take much notice if i'm honest *shrug* it's just a mass of hair that needs to be removed in the quickest way possible.

    just carry on. don't make a big issue out of it (that isn't to say if dodgy remarks get said that you just carry on of course!!). i think when it comes to waxing men you've got to have a certain something about you, it's not for everyone (nor is female intimate waxing!) and that's perfectly ok. i make it clear to all male clients it is just a waxing they will be receiving and make it clear that if anything rude is mentioned then i will stop the treatment, regardless of if they have half a scrotum of wax left and they will have to remove the wax themselves... and there's only one way that baby is coming off :p so they can be good and let me do it or they can try their luck and i garuntee they'll never ever push their luck with a therapist again! my bf was lay literally in the fetal position after i told him what i tell all my male clients about removing the wax themselves! LOL i have never had any bad things said to me and *touch wood* wow bad use of words there :\ never will but i'd have no problems whacking on some extra wax before stopping the treatment and asking him to get off my treatment bed.

    don't forget to follow safety precautions for all clients, not just male clients. female clients can be just as nasty and dangerous. so always be aware :) enjoy your training! :D x
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  8. Reddyreddy
    Thanks for the replies!

    Personally, I'm not worried at all, it's all skin and hair and I'm so not squeamish.:) The reason I asked is my husband is a bit worried about me waxing men and seeing lots of willies with erections! :!: So I was interested to know if it was more of an occasional occurence!
  9. tweeboo
    Is male waxing a popular service? Not sure I'd get many male clients in for it in my area (west yorkshire).
  10. Jack Dunn
    I find that male waxing ( both general body waxing and male intimate or , male Brazilian waxing) is a very popular treatment. I only provide a male grooming service with 95% of my business being waxing treatments.

    I work full time from home and work full time and I am kept very busy with waxing.

    I am based in London but often I get emails from guys outside London asking if I know of therapists providing male waxing.

    If you decide to offer male waxing there are a few websites that have a " find a therapist "section, so this offers you an opportunity to be listed so that clients can find you if you are in their area -

    Find a UK therapist - - waxing4men
    Welcome - Male Waxing Training

    HTH and good luck

  11. MissConfused
    i honestly don't know what to say apart from i don't think you can promise him that nobody will get an erection when you are waxing them... but what you can promise him (and should go without saying!) is that you can remain professional at all times. does he not trust you? or not trust the client? or another reason? i'm so confused :\ if it will cause trouble in your marriage then it's not worth it at all i don't think. x
  12. VelvetPatch
    As already mentioned - it happens but importantly doesn't affect waxing process. Questions about it from male clients prior to booking are very common and are a very normal/legit concern...your confident response here can make the difference in reassuring a client (& getting a booking) and sussing out those not actually looking for a wax! (we don't get many rest assured!!).
    Once you're trained, accredited & have done a few you'll see (& so will clients/+hubby) that it's such a clinical what is such a clinical environment and you control this...with oodles of confidence!
    Enjoy training x
  13. angelina221
    I find quite a few clients get erections. I think it's because they are trying so hard not to get one that invariably they do.
    I find it happens more with new clients. You have to remember that for some clients it's their first time and they can be incredibly nervous. The main question I get asked by new clients is ; 'What happens if I get an erection?'
    They are genuinely worried about it.
    I had a client that had an erection the whole time I was waxing him. He did this for about 4 or 5 visits. He very rarely gets an erection now.
    I think it's a mixture of fear and nerves.
    You just ignore it and carry on.
    I've never had a client act inappropriately. I've had the odd smutty phonecall (although not for a long while now), but these types would never actually turn up for an appointment.
  14. Reddyreddy
    No, not going to break up my marriage! lol! But thank you for your concern :hug:

    He is just a bit worried about me alone with some random bloke with his willy out! There are a lot of weirdos about and as I will be working from a log cabin in the bottom of my garden...

    I have reassured him by saying I will have a baby monitor in the room and that I will only wax men when he is home.

    Also, I don't think many men would like their wives or girlfriends seeing lots of other erect willies as they would worrry about them comparing!! He has nothing to worry about in that department but men are sensitive about that subject!!
  15. BotoxBoy
    Is a baby monitor not a bit OTT? What about the clients privacy?

    Are you informing them what they say could be over heard?
  16. Lynseypinsy
    Really interesting thread and whilst personal safety is important so is client confidentiality, you definitely have to tell clients you have a moniter. Lyns x

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  17. MissConfused
    aaah i see! i understand that he's worried about your safety, i couldn't work out why he was worried about just erect willys though haha. for safety precautions you could always work when your partner is home and have a buzzer type alarm so that he could hear you from your salon if there are any problems? or maybe self defence classes would reassure him a little bit more? i agree about the baby monitor i think it's a little ott and is something you should def. let clients be aware of if you do decide to go for it.

    i'm being honest when i say i honestly can't remember the sizes/shapes/whatever else when it comes to my clients bits and bobs. maybe you could offer to wax him so that he can see for himself that it really is the least sexual service possible?
  18. Martigirl
    Agree totally with the above.

    Client confidentiality would clearly be compromised here.
  19. Lynne Baker
    Yep, it happens from time to time. I ignore it and carry on.
    If you or your partner is not comfortable doing this service rest assured your client will pick up on the vibes.
    I think the baby monitor idea is not a good one, sorry. Can you imagine how offended someone might be that they're viewed as a potential pervert?
  20. Reddyreddy
    Thank you so much for your help and advice! I now realise the baby monitor was a bad idea! I will look into some sort of buzzer or better still self defence! Personally I'm not concerned at all! It's all just skin and hair to me! Thank you for your posts, it has made me see things from a different perspective :hug:

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