Massage medium recommendation for oily acne prone skin?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by lorry2010, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. lorry2010
    Hi and thanks in advance for any help.

    I recently started a beauty course and have been receiving body massages. The massage cream we use in college is very greasy and results in me getting papules where it was applied. I was hoping someone can recommend a product that would not cause this but still last long enough on the skin for a long massage without being absorbed. It makes me dread getting the massage as i am destroyed each time. I have tried toting it off straight after but it still happens.
    Thanks again
  2. My Gorgeous Bod
    Tui Massage Wax. Comes in neutral formulas good for the face but just check whether you can get a non-Almond Oil formula for nut allergy peeps. It is a lovely medium and to me is preferable to any of the college massage mediums including Dermalogica!

    Caroline x
  3. jaimee
    Do you know which products your college uses? I know that a lot of colleges use dermalogica and there is an oil free massage base in their range, failing that i would buy some oil free massage medium and take it in with you, Hope that helps
    Jaimee :)
  4. lorry2010
    Thank you both for your help. I will look into the products you have recommended. My college is using this cheap bucket of massage medium. We are using skin truth and other cheap brands at the moment. will be using dermalogica from April but cheap stuff for now. Tis a disaster really, as they are making my skin worse. I have very oily skin and am generally quite prone to breakouts but have managed to get my skin in quite good condition during the break over xmas but know I am bound to be destroyed soon enough. I am already using my own products for my face so its just the massage medium to get. Cheers again for your help :)

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