Micro loop/ring pros n cons.. help

Discussion in 'Hair' started by tillymay, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. tillymay
    please help i am wanting to start doing these ..but i can not find any info about them any were other than stockest,,, are they good ,how long do they last, any problems ect the more info the better plse help evry 1 xxxxx
  2. tillymay
    any one please ???????? xx
  3. lusciouslox
    have you googled for suppliers of micro rings
  4. Stephie
    Hi, I have worked with rings on individual extensions and was never happy with the result. Never lasted very long. I prefer bonded extensions for individuals. Balmain do a soft bond system with their Doublehair which is really easy and quick. and their training is fab
  5. LindaHR
    They are amazing Tilly. You do need to know a fair bit about fitting them correctly though. It is not something to just have a go at.
    I have worked with micro ring fittings for the past couple of years ...other fittings for much longer...and have developed some skill in them. My last 2 clients needed to CANCEL their top ups at 8 weeks as they had lost only 1 and 2 bonds and the rest of the fitting was doing well. Yay!
    There are things you ned to know though and one of them is where to buy them. I have found one supplier whose rings lost the coloured coating as soon as the pliers were applied leaving them showing through in silver metal.
    PM me if you want to know more. I have a suggestion that may help you in this.

  6. endless
    I second almost everything Linda has said,
    I have been doing extensions for around 10 years, and now most of my clients are converting to micro-ring, i even treat myself to some this xmas,i love them!!!

    Theyre exceptionally good for clients, who say have highlites done every 6 weeks, yes you can just have the top layers done,but if theyre like me,and like to have the lot done every 6 weeks, the rings can be taken out,and put back in, after having roots coloured, without having to buy new hair,or sit soaking your bonds for hours.Im really,really fussy with my extensions,i like them to be tight all the time, so with these i can just move them up, whenever i like, also im not dreading taking them all out as it only takes seconds per ring.

    Im pretty sure, me and Linda have done a course with the same company, might be worth looking into?

    Kate x
  7. angelina221
    I'm not a hairdresser but i have got micro-ring extensions in. I hardly lose any. They look so natural and everyone comments on them. They don't believe they are extensions!
    I know you are only supposed to wash them twice a week but i wash them 3 times a week. I brush them, straighten them and curl them and i'm not that gentle with them either.
    I have 200 put in and i've lost less than 10%. My hair grows really quick as well so it's easier to snag them on the brush as they start dropping.
    Speaking from a clients point of view, I really don't want any kind of glue in my hair. I have seen so many bad extensions and wrecked hair.
    Obviously the skill of the extensionist is a big plus and luckily I have a good one.
    I really wouldn't have any other system.
  8. Zoca
    Hi all

    I'm a trainee hairdresser and want to do an extensions course for human hair as I've struggled to find a decent place/person in my area that can fit and blend micro rings. At present I have someone coming from another county just to do my hair for an event!!! Looks like a possible niche for my mobile business once I qualify in June so I really want to do a good all round extensions course in July/august time so I can start advertising and get my name out there.

    Does anyone know of a good HABIA cpd extensions course that covers micro rings?????????

    Zoe xx
  9. longlengths
    I love micro loop hair extensions, these are the ones which I am doing mainly now and so many more customers are requesting them! I buy mine from Halo hair extensions which are fab, its 100% remy human hair, the wholesale price is £* per pack of fifty. I use between 150 - 200 bonds per head.
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  10. lusciouslox
    micro rings rule full stop!
  11. Simba44
    At long last hairdressers with sense. Silicone micro rings rock, I'm teaching my class at the moment and it's non evasive

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