Models required for botox and filler training

Discussion in 'Skin' started by smooth, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. smooth
    Hi guys

    HopeI can post this and not go against the rules!?!

    Anyway, my friend runs a training company and the demand for courses has rocketed so they are putting on courses pretty much weekly now and they need some more models for their delegates to practice on. You'll get it at cost price, I think they charge £40 per area of botox and £90 for fillers. They run courses in Cheshire, Midlands and London.
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  2. welshbeauty
    what company is it, is there a website we can research?
  3. Beanie
    I'd definitely be interested in discounted botox! :)
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  4. welshbeauty
    Me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. TheBack&Beyond
    This really worries me.

    What trade association are insuring these treatments? What level of training needs to be achieved before you embark on this training? Who is the GMC registered doctor that is prescribing these Prescription Only dugs? Who is the limited company selling the training?

    I'd love to research this company in fine detail but to have a mobile number randomly posted here by someone with only 6 posts for an extremely high level procedure taints us all with a rather unprofessional image.

    Much more information here please! Professionals would understand that this is a necessity.

    Otherwise - I’m off to sell brain surgery training with my waxing quals!

    The dangers of DIY Botox - Exclusive -

    Warning over £62 DIY Botox kit that is up for sale on eBay | Mail Online

    BBC - Newsbeat - Surgeons warn botox clampdown 'doesn't go far enough'

    Supply and administration of Botox, Vistabel, Dysport and other injectable medicines in cosmetic procedures : MHRA
  6. TheBack&Beyond
    just re-read this. Along with my previous post - They want You to Pay THEM to model for THEM???? Eeeek!
  7. Ruth Mills
    Some companies who do semi-permanent make-up charge reduced rates for models to have treatments too... perhaps it helps weed out the time-wasters?
  8. smooth
    Well I seemed to have got your back up about something. The thing is I don't think you can openly advertise businesses on here so I can't give out names or websites as I am sure it goes against the rules. I think you have done well for getting the name of a company associated with a mobile number as I thought it was a personal number of the staff lol. Even so, I don't know much about the business but my friend has asked me to post this (they are not logged on to internet at the moment)

    Anyway, if you need further info you can contact them for more details, they have had 5 courses already this month and have another 2 at the end of August. They are obviously doing something right as they had 12 models in on their last course for 3 delegates. All qualified might I add!!

    Oh and yes, if you want treatment as a model you have to pay cost price because their business has to buy/prescribe it. It is actually safer to be a model on a training course rather than to go to someone who has just trained and is injecting you for the first time UNSUPERVISED! I think I would prefer to pay cost price than the £400 some people charge up here.

    Maybe you have been burnt by something in the past and you are just hitting out and yes some people may think that they can get free botox by being a model. This sadly is not the case, it is exactly the same as any salon doing treatments for staff, family or friends etc, it costs the business money for the therapists time AND the cost of the treatment so some salons do charge staff for treatments. A lot of my friends do this.

    Anyway, whoever has replied to this post directly to them thank you, they are now fully booked up for August but if you are still interested you are more than welcome to either go on the waiting list for a possible cancellation or maybe book on a course at a later date.

  9. TheBack&Beyond
    You know someone who is starting a business and they have no access to the internet? In 2010? Eh? Please post them a letter to wish them luck.

    Eh? Who said 10,000,000 flies can't all be wrong? Qualified to what level?? Accredited to which standards and trade association?? Insured by whom?? You've avoided my question completely!

    Usually costs are built into the business model - rather than bolted on as a visible extras.

    It's also safer to sit in the cabin of a 747 - rather than march up to the flight deck and try to take off on your own. What point are you trying to make?

    NOT AT ALL. I just want to make sure that people who are sticking medical needles into peoples faces and injecting "poison" have a cast-iron accredited background qualification, are properly trained in the sourcing and handling of the products, have adequate experience and have the specific education they need delivered to them in this complex procedure.

    Why does this area of the industry keep themselves so underground, and those who talk about it take things so personally? Sheesh!
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