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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Fly_Nails, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Fly_Nails

    Please share new trends/methods in esthetics (specifically skin care) which you feel are expanding and changing the skin care industry, and which methods are slowing making their way out. How have these changes affected your business, or work environment?

    Examples include

    expanding: (medical esthetics: botox) declining: (hair removal: electrolysis)
  2. Fly_Nails
  3. princess fifi
    Hello Fly Nails

    Medical treatments are def on the rise. Botox bars are starting here in Australia, heaps of laser centers have opened across the country, but I think they just add to the range of treatments, I can't really see any treatments declining or slowly making there way out of our industry, I think it is more of the customers choice, what they prefer to have done, some people prefer more natural methods & some prefer more medical grade treatments.
    I must say, if a client has decided to get a face lift or laser skin tightening
    procedure, the skin can still sag later if they do not continue with regular skin treatments, these clients can keep there results up by having regular non surgical face lifts. So nothing really replaces any of the older treatments in the industry.
  4. Fly_Nails
    Thanks for your reply - now if you wanted to start your own home based business in medical esthetics, how expensive is it purchase the equipment and products? Is it best to start out small perhaps other skin care needs, nails, waxing and then branch out in medical esthetics?

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