One stroke and nail design paints and brushes

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ellasmum, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. ellasmum
    Hi all, wanted to ask those of you that do one stroke painting and use acrylic paints which is the best to use and can you recommend the best brushes for one stroke painting and art in general x:Grope:
  2. jeanettes
    Being as you bumped - what is one stroke pls?
  3. All2Hand
    Hi there, I have not done this course yet but will do in the near future, check out Polycolor paints : Astonishing Nails, The Art of Beauty .
    I think there have an Educator in Manchester but you will have to give them a ring. Unless you are very arty and have pick up the stoke yourself they are a lot of books out there, I am finding it a bit hard trying to do it myself so need a little help.
    Janice x
  4. egg
    For one stroke I use Crystal Nails brushes.You need to be careful to choose the brush,'cause for one stroke you can use giga pigmented uv gels or acrylic painting.For the gel get one artificial haired brush and for acrylic paint(water based)you need a natural haired one.
    For acrylic paint I use Crystal nails one move acrylic colour or polycolour,I think they're the best now on the market.
  5. fena

    I know i may sound thick,lol. Is there a certain size and make of brush for one stroke with acrylic paint. I bought loads of various colours of acrylic paint but i think i have the wrong brushes, i bought normal art brushes.
  6. Deena
    Margarita Belska of Kinetics nails teaches one stroke and also sells suitable brushes for it. :)
  7. ellasmum
    Thanks for all your replies everyone, sorry took me so long to reply but had a few days off with a trapped nerve in my back. I love the one stoke look and am going training in 2 weeks with Gemma Lambert on a design day so wanted the right tools for the job. Did a recent course with Sam Biddle too and it was so inspirational, really into my art and love to learn new techniques. I have ordered the poly paints and will ket on to Kinetics for brushes. Thanks again. XX
  8. egg
  9. nailspirit
    Maimeri Polycolor paints and great one stroke (and all other nail art) brushes from Viis Ilusalong :) Under Brushes and then Nail art Brush.
  10. MissOwen
    just to jump in on the discussion, do you one stroke experts use anything to water down or thin out the paint? or do you use it as its supplied? xx
  11. nailspirit
    Polycolor does not need watering down for one stroke but the brush should be moist :hug:
  12. MissOwen
    Fantastic, thank you :hug:
  13. mizzy_dizzy
    i use mediam for more transparent effect ....
    im no one stroke expert....but my mum is!
    mediam is basicly everything the paint is but with out the pigment donna dewberry uses it ALOT and she basicly invented one stroke as we know it today :)
  14. mizzy_dizzy
    Much bigger than nail art but here is some of my mums unfinished rejects :eek:
  15. MissOwen
    Thanks for the info Ceri and WWWWOOOOOWWWW to your mums work!! I can see where your artistic flare comes from xxxx
  16. sarahchinee

    hi, can i ask you what you use as a top coat over acrylic paints? do u use an airbrush sealer type top coat or is there a specific kind for this type of nail art?

    thanks sarah x
  17. nailspirit
    Hei Sarah!

    I use Proffessionails Gellak or Star Nails Quattro top gels. hth
  18. sarahchinee
    Thanks x :)

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