OPI GelColour not 'sticking' to free edge

Discussion in 'Nail' started by amorgs, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. amorgs
    Hi geeks!

    I'm having a real problem with the opi gel colours! Some times the gel doesn't grab the free edge of the nail which doesn't look great! Have tried extra buffing and bond aid but still the same! Can anyone offer any advise?

    Also find with some of the colours they seem watery and even with 3 coats they still don't look perfect!
  2. mini4mum
    When I did GelColor I found I had to back over the free edge just before I cured as it shrank back from the free edge! Also make sure you are doing the same with the base coat & top coat. So apply to all nails then swipe over free edge just before curing. I hope that helps ;)
  3. wendywoo
    The biggest tip I ever got was shake it. I mean really shake it for a good minute. With some of the darker ones I still needed to swipe the edge just before curing. Hth Wendy
  4. amorgs
    Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try doing the edges just before curing. Can I ask if you still use the gelcolor?
  5. wendywoo
    I still use Gelcolour yes. I use it alongside Shellac too. I got it as I thought it offered more durability for weaker nails. I now have Brisa lite so I'm good with both for weak nails now. X
  6. Susandoeshair
    I use one of the Robart hobby paint shakers to throughly shake GelColor and Shellac. Then, if they are particularly stubborn about shrinking back from the tips, I polish two nails, making sure the free edge is covered, then flash cure for ten seconds then I do the application on the other three as usual. I find this really helps, and I just do it for the first coat, usually.
    I once asked Tech up port at OPI about the watery ness of some of the colors and they told me to shake it well. Well, after I told them I used a shaker, they really didn't have any other solution to offer. tech Support at OPI and CND are worlds apart, that's for sure!
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  7. amorgs
    Where did you get your paint shaker from please? Ah that's so annoying about the wateriness of the colour, really not impressed with it and so frustrating they didn't have an answer when you contacted them. Seems such a waste paying so much for a bottle that really doesn't look good when applied :(
  8. Susandoeshair
    I bought online from the Robart company. They have a battery powered one that I bought first, but it was really heavy and went through batteries like mad, so I gave it to another nail tech friend. I'm sure if you google hobby paint shaker you'll find one. I can't imagine what shape my wrists would be in if I had to shake these bottles all day long
  9. missdynatmite

    For those of you that use both Gelcolor and Shellac, do you use the same lamp for shellac that you do for the Gelcolor or do you have a LED lamp too.

  10. gillian w
    Dispersing the pigment is one of the things you have to do iwith most coloured gel products and power polishes they all need a good stir or shake.That is not something unique to opi.
    I get the client to choose her colour when I am prepping then if I know its a colour that can be a bit wishy washy like opi ink I turn it upside down then before I start painting it gets a really good shake.I then paint and freeze before I do a full cure.In the opi led lamp it freezes in seconds as a full cure is 30.
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  11. amorgs
    Hi Gillian what do you mean when you say you freeze it before curing? Thanks
  12. K-Nails
    I bought a little metal paint stirrer from Hairways in Basildon and I dont shake the gel anymore as it was literally hurting my wrists.

    Also although you need to work thin do make sure you are actually putting enough basecoat on and that you work right to the free edge and swipe across it. I have found that brisa lite smoothing gel is fabulous for holding gel colour in place and Ive been getting no shrinkage at all.

    Ive put my prices up with the brisa lite and most of my customers are asking for it because it is making the nails look 100 times better in smoothness and application of gel colour over the top is amazing.

  13. gillian w
    I will paint two nails,you can do just one nail at a time if you like and then they put it straight in the lamp for say 5 seconds carry on on alternate hands and then fully cure both hands for the full 30 secs.This is in their LED lamp.
    I only have to do this with certain colours though most of them are fine and don't shrink back as long as the product is mixed properly and the base coat is fully covering and capping the free edge.
    If you haven't already had the training it really is worth it.They were doing an excellent deal on where you had base,top,one colour training video,manual and training for about the same price as one colour.
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  14. Jewelady
    I am using opi gelcolor and find it doesnt last on some people. Do you think using the brisa lite smoothing gel will work for that too. Also would you cure it in an opi led lamp and for how long?
  15. gillian w
    You can only use Brisa gels with the CND lamp.

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