Opinions on ultrasound/sonophoresis for infusion

Discussion in 'Skin' started by LifelongBT, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. LifelongBT
    Hi all,

    Brand newbie here, but been reading along for a while.

    I trained in beauty therapy 12 years ago and have just had 3 years off to have my 2 boys. I'm building a house and will be working from home once this is done.

    Although things will be on a small scale, I want to offer facials and was thinking about adding machinery. Although I trained in electrical modalities, I've never used them in any salons I've worked in (except the basic steamer/brush machine). I love the holistic/relaxing side of facials, but since I'm getting older myself :eek: I'd like to offer something with a bit more "oomph" and better results. I've done a bit of a search on here but couldn't come up with much about ultrasound for product infusion. Is this worthwhile/does it work effectively? And can you use any range or any product (eg: a toner, serum or moisturiser) to infuse into the skin?

    In the long term if things take off, I'd love to add microcurrent or some sort of non-surgical facelift, but the budget won't stretch that far at the moment.

    Or is there anything else that can be suggested that might fit the bill?

    Thanks for your opinions, very much appreciated :)
  2. LifelongBT
    Any thoughts?
  3. LifelongBT
    Just bumping if anyone can help, then I promise I'll let it go ;)

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