Paraffin for pregnant client

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Dynamite, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Dynamite

    Please can anyone help me wit the above, she is 6mnths preg. can i do paraffin wax when doing a pedicure?

    thank you!
  2. Carole.B
    My daughters 6 months pregnant and i was told at college its not advisable because it raises the blood temperature..xx
  3. pips
    When i did my spa mani & spa pedi i was told pregnant women and those with high or low blood pressure, cardiac conditions, unstable diabetes or multiple sclerosis should not have paraffin wax treatments. HTH
  4. Bebeautiful
    I wouldn't recommend a paraffin wax or any hot treatment to a pregnant woman because of the high/low blood pressure. Pregnant women retain fluids and swell on their hands and feet so ... I would offer a second treatment such as a facial decollete massage. That way at least she will get a treatment. Hope this is helpful :)
  5. JANEY K
    it is not recommended to give a paraffin wax or any heat treatments such as a spa\sauna\bodywraps\aromatherapy massage to a pregnant woman because of the high/low blood pressure & they can overheat & dehydrate(not good for baby either as they can't get rid off heat except thru mum).
    usually this is in some cases during the first 3 months but its best to avoid altogether till after childbirth.. a nice relaxing facial is offered as a second treatment but use natural organic products and i was told that you have to avoid parabens and other additives..hth
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  6. Dynamite
    Thanks guys for giving me advise. really appreciate it. xxxx

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