Perfect Curl vs Curl Secret?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by knotoriouskuts, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. knotoriouskuts
  2. Haircutz
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    It looks the same but cheaper and longer guarantee etc.

    Not impressed by Babyliss treating hair pro's so shoddily. Humpf.
  3. Chantelle<3
    It cost more for the pro one and where trying to retaile them this is not going to be good because people Will think we're ripping them off x
  4. knotoriouskuts
    yes exactly prob the last Babyliss product i will be buying. If nothing more just out of principal .:mad:
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  5. snaz
    The key differences between the 2 are:
    The trade version has the option to turn the 3 pre-set timers off whilst the retail one doesn't.
    Trade has 3 temperature settings whilst retail has 2.
    Trade has 3 curl direction settings; right, left and automatic alternate curl. Retail has a fixed alternate curl setting.
    Trade has 3 heaters, retail has 2 heaters.
    Trade has 2.8m swivel cord and retail has 2.5m swivel cord.

    This is the difference between the 2 but obviously price and warranty..

    I ask babyliss the question x
    Now just need to order one. Thinking still trade but ....???

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