Question about Calgel gel overlays in a manicure

Discussion in 'Nail' started by tinkywinky, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. tinkywinky
    I saw an advert in Scratch magazine this month, on Calgel, it was saying you can do a gel overlay for a client in a manicure instead of varnish.

    My questions are:

    1. Is Calgel any good??
    2. Do I need to be qualified in GEL??If I am qualified in acrylic only??
    3. Would I be insured??
    I'd love to introduce something like this.

    Please advise

    Thanks for your helpxxx
  2. ADiva1
    1.Calgel is very similar to Biosculpture which I use. They are paint on applications and the colour gels look like nail varnish. Only that it doesnt chip.
    Really nice stuff, has a very loyal clientele.
    2.If you'd already had a qualification in gel, you could have done a Conversion course with Calgel, to familiarise yourself with their product. Perhaps you may need to do their beginners course, but if in doubt, just contact them...
    3.You should be insured if you are already doing l&p enhancements to members of the public, so this may cover you for your gel overlays/enhancements too. Again, if in doubt, check with your insurers.
  3. Rach
    There is a CalGel special offer on in Professional Nails mag (Feb issue).

    You need a gel certificate to do the conversion course, or a manicure certificate if you want to do the beginners/overlay course.

    Also, i think you can only buy their products if you have been trained by them.

  4. midway1001
    Hi does anyone know of offers on the calgel kit or training this month through any nail magazines?:rolleyes:
  5. Terese
    Hi ya

    Heres the address for calgels website Calgel | Home this should give you the info that you may be looking for if not there will be a contact number on.

    I use calgel and I love using the product
  6. Martigirl
    HI YA!

    i use both calgel & bio - i think you guys are seriously missing out if your not offering coloured gels (jmho though:green:)

    a year or so ago all my clients were FRENCH with the exception of a few oldies:hug: on colour

    NOw i hardly EVER do french in fact.....SHOOT ME DOWN for saying so but i think the shall i say this 'cheaper' nss salons have completely trashed the 'french' look making LONG SQUARE and french just look....well.....CHAVVY !

    Get the ok mag, hello, heat ...look on all the popular tv shows....WHAT IS EVERYONE WEARING?

    COLOUR !

    Go for bio or calgel you cant go far wrong - bio pipping calgel to the post because of its fab colour range.

    Easy to apply, lasts at least 3 weeks, dry straight away, clients love the fact their own nails grow so fast and strong and long with it chipping......i should be a salesperson!

    Amb xxx
  8. Terese
    Totally fact I was going to ask in a thread does anyone see the poularaty of french dwindling..because I have. I cant remember the last time I did a french....its colour all the way with me too.

    Minkus...did you have to undergo different training with I too love their colour range
    Yes i did their conversion about 4 years ago:hug:
  10. Sassy32
    I am doing calgel course next week, can't wait to add it to my treatments!!! Can i ask how much extra you charge when adding it to a manicure rather than just by itself?

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