reaction to sunbed cream or just too many sessions

Discussion in 'Skin' started by ciara1980, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. ciara1980
    hi geeks,
    just wanted to run something past you all.
    Started to do sunbeds last week as have a wedding coming up and just wanted a bit of a boost.

    Now please please please dont leacture on the dangers of sunbeds because i know and understand the dangers, but still find myself doing a few at this time of year.
    Anyway my question is this,
    i did 4 sessions on the bed and made sure i built my minutes up slowley from 5 mins for the first 2 sessions and 7 mins for the last 2 sessions
    I left a day in between each session so as not to burn.
    did not use any lotion on my skin.
    while at the prof beauty show in dublin at the weekend i bought some austrailian gold (HOT) for the sunbed and applied this yesterday before i had my 5th bed. was awake all night with a burning sensation on my lower back and bum (serves my right i know) but the rest of my body was fine.
    do you think this was a reaction to the product or over exposure to the sunbed. if it was all over i would think product but as it was one area not sure.
    Any ideas , sorry for the essay
    thanks ciara
  2. collin
    mmmmmm i think there could be a number of issues here for you to think about especially if you are using sunbeds for the first time

    1) take it easy..if youve not been on sunbeds before start slow and on slower (less powerfull0 sunbeds
    2) You could be allergic to the specific cream you have purchased but I suspect its the type of cream you have purchased that is actually the problem here.
    To cater for the crazy english market (where we somehow beleive that getting a tan means we should burn first) the sunbed cream manufacturers do put in adatives that mimic this sensation and it shows as a form of prickley heat rash...this is an outcome of ingrediants used to stimulate the blood flow to the surface.....noit dangerouse but crazy.
    i would strongly reccomend that you downgrade to lower wattage sunbeds till you know its not the sunbed UV output that is bringing you out in this uncomfortable rash...and that you also throw away the cream you bought in Dublin and replace it with one that doesnt have the prickly heat adative.
    Good luck:hug:
  3. ozziemag
    The Hot lotion could be a big factor in this. Your skin is not used to the tingle; redness is normal for hot lotion and itchy,tingle is too. You may have overheated your backside from laying on the plexy. I tell my clients- if they start feeling hot on their backside, FLIP onto your front. There is no air circulation between your skin and the plexi causing more heat retention, and the hot lotion would have made the heat factor more intense. You have no redness today do you?
  4. loubylou
    Yes i tend to agree it was the HOT lotion that you have used,
    this is meant to be used by die hard experienced tanners after they have gained their base tan hth

    the lotions are supplied to be used in 3 stages,
    one to build up the tan
    one to deepen the tan
    and the third (can be hot one) for those who just cant get enough and want to be darker than possible,
    the company who sold you this should have fully explained the lotion to you before selling it to you,
    hope you have cooled down now hun
  5. ciara1980
    thanks for all the advice guys
    Yes i have cooled down now thanks. I do think your right about the cream as i am extreamly carefull about not burning and using the sunbeds properly and it only happened after i applied the cream so guess its the bin for my new cream. not to worry, my health is more important. thank again for all the advice.

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