Remi Cachet extensions?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by siobrennan, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. siobrennan
    hi everyone has anyone tried remi cachet pre bonds?
    i usually use lush-us but looking for a higher quality range...... product info saying can last up to 6 months with correct aftercare so this would be good, they are a bit cheaper than balmain but if they genuinely last that long il be a happy bunny :p
    really asking as i have a girl looking for good quality extensions, i suggested balmain to which she replied she had it before and hated it "it was like barbie hair"......... hmmmm. doubtful. so not sure if anything i do is going to be good enough without going into silly money which she wont pay!!
    i was recommended to this girl by a few of my clients so all help would be appreciated :)
  2. Scarlett_B
    yes i av tried the remi cachet hair. its really nice. I had my pre bonds in for 5 months but u av to use its own remover to get them out and follow the instructions becoz they remove a little differntly (& cleaner) than normal bonds with acetone. U can get them from a few places online but I got mine from I hope this helps !! x
  3. siobrennan
    thanks hon it was there i was looking at getting them from :) i usually use lush-us remover as it make the bond just slip right out, wonder if its the same? id be there for days if i used acetone!! x
  4. Sarahluise
    Did you try this hair hun? I'm thinking if switching too this hair? Xx
  5. Jody2412
    Anyone tried remi cachet stick tip hair for micro rings xx
  6. fullandfabulous
    Did anyone try the remi cachet, thinking of trialling it too :)

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