Second hand equipment for start up

Discussion in 'Business' started by Saya, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Saya
    I'm looking for some!..
    It's all good and well being locked onto a certain auction site waiting for the items on my shopping list to turn up, but does anyone know of any websites/ places that are dedicated to selling salon equipment that are used/ ex-demo etc? What does everyone do with their furniture and stuff when it's time for an upgrade?
    I'm opening in less than two weeks and simply do not have the glamorous budget for the fancy stuff yet. If anyone out there can offer up anything, to give away would be nice too! then I can only chance and ask, lol.

    I'm looking for 2 x reclining make-up chairs (the ones with the pedicure legs), a back wash point, a massage bed, a few cosy stools with good backs, ummm, and all the other lil bits I'm gonna need to start up, and it's all in the white theme.

    As there isn't an online marketplace for the beauty Industry, then I can only ask if there is anyone out there who has stuff like this to pass on or sell at a generous price...? .x
  2. Ruth Mills
    I believe that advertising beauty kit for sale is not allowed on this site; I don't know of any dedicated marketplace sites for selling beauty stuff and whatnot either - could be another possible future project though :)
  3. loubylou
    The beauty guide have a trade section where we sell second hand furniture and equipment hth
  4. marioned
    I think Louise did a typo and means the Beauty Guild xx
  5. PANTA1265
  6. loubylou
    pmsl yes marioned well spotted, i did make a typo and you were quite right, i did mean the beauty guild :hug:
  7. jenny2
    I think a second hand beauty online shop would be fab. One were u pay like a 1.00 to advertise. A bit like ebay, perhaps one for us salon geeks, ruth u did guiney pig site, may be one for u hun. Because it would be great for students and every one xxxx
  8. Saya
    Thanks everyone, I've checked those that were mentioned, but couldn't find anything.
    I did think that there may indeed be a niche for a little trade website, but then because of being a newbie, I assumed that it must exist already.
    However, if not and provided I haven't just given the idea away to all you good folks, I may just start up a lil trade site myself..
    In the mean time, I'm still searching, so if any one has anything to sell to me, please do pm with details..x
  9. Kim Lawless
    I think the idea of Ruth having a salon stuff for sale site is brilliant. We all have salon furniture and equipment...not to mention stock that is just laying there doing nothing.

    Go on Ruth! xxx

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