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  1. paulette
    My friend told me, she is going to have sewn in hair extensions.... Whats it all about? I know she is going to an afro carribean type hair salon. She has fairly fine bleached blonde highlighted hair. She said they colour matched her hair and that its human hair not synthetic.
    Has anyone here had this done? What does it involve and how easy is it to maintain? She does tend to wash her hair everyday too, which Im not sure she will be able to do when she has these done???
    Im just curious as Ive not haerd much about this type of extension.
  2. leonnib

    hi we do this in my salon also..
    the same we colour match the hair etc and use human hair.
    in my opinion its easier to maintian as you dont have to use a specific shampoo because of there are no bonds. and you can wash your hair as much as you like. you dont lose extensions hair like you would in some other methods. and its is quicker to do also.
    your hair is plaited underneath and the extensions is sewn in.
    each line of hair is called a 'track'.

    but everyone prefers different methods some who call the salon dont like this method as they dont like it and some prefer it to the other methods it really depends the individual. but in my opinion they all have there own advantages.

    95% of people we do are european so its a very popular method.
  3. paulette
    Sounds good then, of course there are many different methods of hair extensions, but this one Id heard the least about, so I was curious. How many tracks are used on average? im going to see how hers comes out and maybe it may be something I may go for.
    I personally like the idea of no bonds as years ago I tried extensions randomly placed so more of a punk style but found it very hard to manage.
  4. champagne
    This is not a professional opinion ....but

    Im going to try the sewn ones next time, one of the hairdressers had hers in at the same time as me, hers sewn, mine bonded.....we are seeing which ones come off better with the same care, although obvioulsy we have different hair types.

    Our finished extensions look the same but Im thinking hers may be a bit more comfortable in the first few days....rather than feeling like im sleeping on a bag of peas lol

    The plaits/tracks are tiny im waiting to see if they loosen over time.....willbe very interesting to see which fair best.
  5. paulette
    Yes this would be interesting to know more about. I laughed at sleeping on a bag of peas!!
    My friend gets hers done on saturday. If it looks ok and she is managing with them I may look into it myself as a way of thickening up my hair rather than lengthening as such.
    Anyone know how long you wear them for before re applying? and can you re-use the hair again? The salon said they charge £60 for applying thme plus the cost of the hair. I have no idea what sort of price that could be and assume it depends on the client and how much hair they have put in on the day. My friend seemed to think it was just one section? But I dont know Id think it was a couple of rows at least.?
  6. leonnib

    i find that our european customers want it thicker and have about 5/6 tracks/rows.
    but generally its about 4/5 rows for a full head.
    i charge £55/£60 for applying the hair also.
    how long it last depends only on what hair you use as rows can last for a couple of months if done right.
    people generally do it every 3 months but again depends on the hair as you can get hair that stays good for longer or cheap hair that last a few weeks.
    but i find that most will redo extensions when they have their colour/highlights need to be re-done again.
    we buy hair from £30-£80 depends on what they want.

    they should be able to tell you price of hair so you know how much it will be in total
  7. Bethylou

    I've tried a few extensions now! First I had a weave, then I got microrings and now I'm trying racoon bonds. My weave was ok! They used cheap hair and it was dry and I was constantly patting my head cuz it was itchy.

    All extensions are a bit uncomfortable sleeping on for the first few nights. Microrings were really good but when I went back to the same woman to have them replaced, they just didn't look the same.

    So i'm biting the bullet and paying a bit more for racoon. Hope it goes ok! xx
  8. leonnib
    its not actually a weave. a full head weave you dont have any of your hair out like a wig.
    its just using a similar method as in the plaits to add rows to your hair for length and thickness
  9. shristychandran
    With the track and sew extensions, the hair is prepared for the addition of extension hair by braiding tracks into the natural hair. These tracks can be horizontal, vertical or can be curved to follow the contours of the hairline as desired. In most cases, a good stylist will place the braids sufficiently back from the hairline in all directions so that the braids/tracks are well hidden from most all angles.
    One common complaint among women who have “sewn-in” extensions is that the hair tracks can be braided too tightly and cause discomfort. Having the tracks braided too tightly can also lead to hair loss and damage to the natural hair. The key to avoiding this problem is to carefully research your stylist before allowing him or her to work on your head
  10. Jynxie
    Does anyone on here do this is the East Kent Area?
    J Xx

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