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Discussion in 'Skin' started by crystaltash, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. crystaltash
    HI everyone,
    So I decided to try the Microdermabrasion machine from Skinbase. I started my 2 weeks free trial on Tuesday, but to be honest, the whole thing was a bit of a disaster.

    First of all, the 2 people who came to train me in the machine arrived a week early. Luckily I had a bit of time, but the whole thing was very rushed and I didn't even get to try the treatment out to see what it felt like. I only got to do it very quickly on one of the girls. I', not sure how long to keep working on the client - should I use a whole bottle of crystals and wait until it's finished? How long do you spend 'rubbing' on problem areas?

    Also, I've done a few treatments on clients and I dont really notice any difference. I'm starting them off on the -0.3 bar and I think even they are quite disappointed. I'm not sure what they're expecting, and I have advised them that a course is best for a dramatic difference.
    But skinbase say that you can see a visible difference immediately. But I really don't think I can. Maybe I'm expectimg miracles too!! Lol!

    I've tried contacting the lady who trained me, but she's very hard to get in contact with and she hasn't replied to any of my messages.

    I really want to keep the machine and offer this treatment, but if I'm not gonna get the support, what's the point?
    Am I being too premature with the results I'm expecting?

    Any advice would be great geeks. I've heard such good things about thi machine and I don't wanna give up on it.

  2. daisyl
    Your training is wholly inadequate. You simply cannot learn proper microdermabrasion from a sales person in a day/half day session! This is in no means a reflection on yourself - but from your questions - you have been totally unprepared. I would not be offering any more treatments until you have at least been taught the basics - and you haven't. This company have not acted responsibly.

    I am not familiar with the type of machine you use - there are a lot out there - some not so good. I use a medical microdermabrasion machine. It is really important to manage peoples expectations. There is no such thing as being able to treat skin successfully overnight. Simply aint gonna happen. I never offer single treatments to patients with a skin condition (acne/scarring/pigmentation/dry skin/oily skin) you are actively trying to treat. Needs to be a course, and often combined with a peel. By the very nature of skin physiology, expect results to only be apparent after about the 6th or 7th treatment. Single sessions are really for maintenance or for people who just want a refresher (without any particular treatment regime). Never promise instant results - anyone who does is totally unprofessional and unethical.

    Medical history should be a factor - medications etc particularly. You need to be provided with a lot more information and training. I do not think I would be dealing with this company in future if I were you.
  3. angelina221
    I'm not familiar with that machine. At my salon we have an oxyderm microdermabrasion machine.
    We tried the Crystal Clear machine for 2 weeks to see how it went as they also offered a 2 week trial.
    My beautician had previously trained on the oxyderm machine where she worked before so her clients knew the results from that machine.
    When we had the crystal clear, her clients actually preferred the oxyderm so i bought one of those instead.
    I've had treatments on both machines and have to say that i noticed a difference after one session on both.
    I too preferred the oxyderm.
    I don't have problem skin but my face was glowing after although i did have it coupled with the oxygen therapy.
    My hairdresser has problem with spots on her chin and they improved after one session too. Like me, she also had it coupled with the oxygen therapy.
    Yes it is best to have a course but i was very impressed with the results after just one session!
    You do need proper training though.
    I would give diamond oxyderm a call and see if you can arrange some training.
    I'm not sure if crystal clear are still doing a free 2 week trial but it's worthing asking them just so you can see the difference to the one you are using.
  4. kezza*
    I have looked into the skin base microbrasion machine, maybe it's worth giving the head office a call themselves and seeing if they can give you any added training, I'd make sure your 100% happy with the services and the back up before you take it on. Maybe look into the other options eg crystal clear before taking the skin base. It's a lot of money to invest in the machine.
    You as a therapist need to believe in the results to be able to sell it and if your clients couldn't see a difference then you really need to look into further training or a different machine.
    I'd give head office a ring.
  5. Helen Geerie
    I must admit i have been an aerial Salon Geeker who reads threads and advice for some time. I've never replied until now mainly due to my inability to master computers. But on this occasion i have to say a big thank you to these posts. I too own a salon and have been looking at microdermabrasion for a while. I've had all sots of people and companies out and to be honest no one has ever really impressed me. They all talk about magazines and what the stars are having but to be honest most of my clients want resutls. I called skin focal who came out and my goodness it was a breath of fresh air. Their knowledage was amazing and the demo was fantastic, its unusual for me to buy there and then but i did and we have just completed our training which was hard going but very impressive. In two days we have learnt so much, we are excited and we have 14 treatments already booked in! The nice thing too we can now go on to do other things like chemical peels and we also have their mineral make up range which we now apply after all facals and waxing. The excitement in my salon has gone through the roof and we have a big buzz again. I really dont think out of any of the companies who came to visit me they could of reach any where near these guys. For the first time a company who is supporting us without making us feel we are annoying them! What a real breath of fresh air. :idea: So thank you for your comments as beacuse of you we found skin focal. :)
  6. beautychick3010
    Hi Tasha,
    my friend was in the same boat as you! but i'll tell you what i told her, there is a reason they are so cheap.
    I've used the Diamond Blue Diamond and Oxyderm for 9 years. just bought their IPL too.
    They have actual educators ( therapists not sales people) who come and train you. Plus they are always on the other end of a phone. the head educator gave me her mobile number.
    Their service is amazing and their machines are great. They are doing great deals just now. I'm looking at another Oxyderm for the other room i'm that busy and they are still great prices. what they do for 5k crystal clear does for 12k
    honestly wait till you talk to them before making a decision
    Diamond International Pty Ltd - Leaders in aesthetic technology

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