Space saving ideas for small beauty room

Discussion in 'Business' started by Shelley_d, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Shelley_d

    I have the opportunity to rent a small beauty room in a health club. I have found a nail desk that looks ideal, the table part folds down when not in use and its not to expensive and I'm going to put in storage units at just above head hight for storage, I will use a small step to get to them.

    I have been looking at the coaches that can be used as a pedi chair as well, are they any good for using for massage as well?

    Has anyone got recommendations for a comfy fold up chair for clients to use while having nails done?

    The club has said that they will organise a space where I can store stuff but I really don't won't to be leaving anything of any value in there.

    Just wondering if anyone else has some space saving ideas?

    Shelley X

    p.s this is the desk that I have found
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  2. ClaireL

    This is the desk Im going to get once Ive done my nail courses

    Im not planning on offering massage but I am going to be offering lashes and brow treatments and will be buying this chair

    Direct Salon Supplies Make-Up Chair

    As I can use it for pretty much everything nails, lashes, brow treatments :)
  3. Shelley_d
    That's the type of chair that I'm after but not with the split legs. I all ready have a couch and a pedi chair with leg rest but I don't think that it will fit in the room once I have my couch in there with other bits and bobs, so want to have a multi purpose couch that I can use for, facials, waxing, brows, pedicures and massage. I remember when I did my training that the tutor said that pedicures can be done with a client sat on the bed but I'm not sure how I would manage with the foot spa doing it like that, I will have to get my daughter round to give it go, lol. X :)

    Shelley X
  4. effie
    I have that desk its great and having a small room myself needed to be wise with the space. I fold the desk down when not needed and use this couch chair. The couch is not kept in the room all of the time as my room if rather on the small side but it works for me
  5. effie
    Oh it didn't post my photos, will try again

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  6. emzi
    Hi Effie

    I too have a small space and the pics you have of your treatment couch look perfect for my space, where did you get this couch from??

    Thankyou :lol:
  7. Shelley_d
    Can people reach the floor to put there feet in a bowl when they have pedicure with that couch? I can see the nail desk in the pic, how do you find the working space when its up? The draws look handy for storage.

    Shelley X :)
  8. NailsXpress
    I have used this chair before in a salon I worked in. Its great for most people but for larger ladies/men they tend to slide off as the seat isn't very deep, when the leg part is lowered as in the second picture.
  9. effie
    This couch can be purchased from several suppliers but I managed to put mine up local on eBay for a bargain.
  10. effie
    To be honest I've not tried as I have only used it when doing gelish/minx on toes. If they can't I guess there is the back up option that I was showed on my course where you place the bowl on a chair and ask the client to pop feet in. Not ideal in my view but if they can't reach guess its an option to keep in mind.
    I love the table, it works well for my space. I tend to keep my lamp on it all the time and bring out the products I need for the pending treatment. I don't use the draw to display my polishes, I use it to keep bits and bobs in like my nails art brushes etc

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