Spray Tans and Chlorine

Discussion in 'Skin' started by FEEBYBOOFAY, Feb 6, 2010.

    Hi there peeps,

    Never been asked this question before, but wondered if Chlorine will affect my clients tan for tomorrow. She is going swimming in the afternoon and will have a shower tomorrow morning..can I go ahead and carry out the treatment?

    Many thanks for your help

  2. Natalieabdn
    I go swimming quite a lot, so just tell her to try wash all the chlorine off her skin right after swimming even use a body scrub, and when she has a shower the day of the tan not to use any body wash ect (especially Dove) all over her body as this will affect the outcome of the tan, I hope this helps x
    Thanks very much for your help :green:
  4. Natalieabdn
    It's a Pleasure xx
  5. gemmat
    so if a client was going on holiday, would you not spray them?
  6. vgml

    Not with Xen Tan :) I already checked on myself and my sis who is using swimming pool 3 times a week, chlorine is not a problem if you spray with Xen Tan.
  7. collin
    I would agree here.
    Lets face facts head on....a holiday with sun,sweating,pools (sea or fresh water with chlorine) lack of post spray tan application cos your busy enjoying your self is going to rip any spray tan, no matter what brand is used, to shreds :eek:

    All is not lost though :hug:

    Before going do plenty of pre tan exfoliation...more than you would normally do...get ever bit of dry skin off and remnants of your last tan..create a clean perfect blank canvas.

    Go get a spray tan of a lighter DHA % than you would normally use a few days before hand...preferably a solution with minimal initial colour guide so the DHA can get right in there and start developing by the time your sitting in the departure lounge at the airport.

    Take your UV tanning very slow and use plenty of sunblock and moisturise regularly...at the end of each day after swimming in that pool or the sea moisturise before hitting the bars or restaurants with a DHA fortified moisturiser....in the morning and before applying your UV sunblock and when showering very gently exfoliate your skin and then moisturise well during the day.

    Follow these basic steps and combating the rigorous degradation effects a holiday will undoubtedly have on your pre holiday spray tan will be greatly mitigate

    HTH :hug:
  8. gemmat
    No, you didnt. That was a question aimed at anybody who would care to share their own opinion.

    As most people swim on holiday, I thought there would not be much point in having one as chlorine is a spray tans worst nightmare.

    Thankyou for your reply.

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