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Discussion in 'Skin' started by lktanning, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. lktanning
    Okay so I have a client who knows I'm getting trained in eyelash extensions soon and she's asked me a quite a good question..

    Can she get a tan the same day as her eyelash extensions? Eg, before or straight after as a combined treatment.

    For example, could she wear sunbed goggles straight whilst having a tan straight after having her eyelashes done so they don't get wet and she doesn't have to touch them when washing the tan off?

    I'm mainly thinking of this for infill appointments as I could always provide a spray tan whilst patch testing (if they've already have a tan and tan patch test prior to this)

    Not something I was considering before but she raised a good point. :)

    Any advice experience would be helpful!
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  2. Miss Pink23
    Yes she can. I have done this many times without any problems.
    Eyelashes first and then tan, no need to wear goggles (she would get a ring around her eyes).
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  3. sotech2006
    I would tell hwr to tan before. .u can always clean &prep the eyes before you start the extentions;)

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  4. Nails<3
    If you spray tan first you are going to be removing the tan from around the eyes. You need to do lashes first then the spray tan.

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  5. vanitybeauty1
    Lashes before spray tanning
    100% infact all treatments before spray tanning and definitely no goggles lol x
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  6. sonasikorova
    I also do the spray tan and lashes and I have to say I never do both treatment at the same day. I've been taught once u apply the lashes they should not get any watter, oil, spray tan, steam etc on them for at least 24 hours or the glue won't bond properly. I believe they know why they teach us that. It's not only about money but about being professional and keep your clients happy. If they require both at the same day I give them the option to not spray their face. Clients are usually happy with it as they use foundation anyway. Xx

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  7. curlygirl
    I'm the same, I offer both but wouldn't encourage anyone to do both at the sane time. My aftercare states clients are not to wet their lashes for a minimum of 24 hrs. If they are adamant then I ensure I have told them and signed their record card to prove they have requested to be sprayed after my advice and should this have any adverse effect at all on the longevity if the lashes I will take no responsibility. Usually they quickly realise that they can find the time to pop bk the next day after all ;)
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  8. LaLaLayla
    I am going to be offering Spray Tan & Lashes as a package. You should definitely do the lashes first, then the tan.

    I don't think the face would get wet enough to remove the lashes. The tan I use (I say that as I am not sure it is the same with all tans) dries in about 2 mins. It is not oily. I don't think it would affect the lashes at all, tbh.
  9. flirties
    The aftercare instructions are right,however i believe it also depends what tanning solution you use as you should avoid any oil to get in touch with the lashes so an oil based solution might have an impact on the lashes while a water based solution will be fine as it is merely a fine mist you are spraying
  10. vanitybeauty1
    Unless your over spraying or have your gun settings well high then the lashes would never get "wet" from a spray tan. If a clients tan is wet at all then you have used far too much solution. A low setting using 40-50ml wouldn't result in a wet tan or wet lashes. It's best to check the tan your using but I've never had an issue x
  11. Pink_Princess
    in mobile and new to lashes. A client this week has asked if i can also tan when i do her lashes. Would it badly affect her lashes if i did the tan straight after? I don't think that much really goes on the face but i don't want to spend ages lashing to then ruin them with tan!

    i was trained absolutely not to do this but at the same time trainer also said on a rare occasion she has done it! Help, such conflicting views from the person who is taught me doesn't help!
  12. flirties
    If you have a look above in the thread you can see that its fine to do it as long as you do the lashes first and you are best using a water based tan :O)
  13. joshinjune
    Hey, just thought I'd jump in and say I had this done once - lashes first then spray tan and my lashes lasted normal amount of time with no issues...
  14. Baggybear
    Lashes and tan should NOT be done at the same appointment as the lashes MUST stay dry for 24 hours for the glue to fully set.

    Spraying on the tan on isn't what will wet the lashes it's the client washing off the solution that WILL wet the lashes.

    If your taught this aftercare in your lash training & then decide to do a tan straight after lashes knowing you've been taught not to you are invalidating your insurance as your NOT following your training.
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  15. joshinjune
    V good point - but I didn't wash my spray tan off for 24hrs (I know I was being smelly) so it wasn't an issue for me, so it may not be for some clients either...
  16. Baggybear
    The problem with 'trusting your client not to wash for 24 hours' is that you just can't trust them. Your insurance is there to protect you but ONLY if you comply with it & follow your training.

    Knowingly doing treatments that you know shouldn't be done together will invalidate your insurance.

    Why bother being insured at all if your just going to just go out there & do what you like anyway regarldess of what you've been taught.
  17. joshinjune
    Absolutely, but as there seems to be some lack of clarity regarding instructions with reference spray tanning and extensions it's probably a good idea for anyone with this query to go back to their manufacturer/training provider. I know in my case my insurance company want me to follow training provider guidelines. T

    The only information I have from my training provider is that you should avoid getting lashes wet for 24-48 hours. It says nothing about spray tans, and as one tanner has pointed out - the mist from a tan is so fine that it may not constitute getting the lashes 'wet'. Obviously, if the tan contains oils that is another matter.

    SO, if the tan itself doesn't infringe after-care advice, then (provided we give sufficient aftercare advice to the client re: not wetting the lashes in a given time frame), I see no reason why it would invalidate our insurance if clients later chose not to follow that advice...
  18. Balance Andover

    I had a client who wanted an eyebrow wax and a tan, I said I could do one or the other (but not both) and if she was happy to wait the time between the two then it would be waxing first then tanning 48 hours later. The client decided that her eyebrows were a priority and I was happy to lose out on the tan (even though I would earn more from it).

    I've had other therapists say that they just put a bit of barrier cream over the waxed area but I point blank refuse to.

    I don't mix any eye treatments with tanning, even lash lifting, it's not worth the risk.

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