Tanning Injections?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by jo-anne, May 12, 2008.

  1. jo-anne
    Has anyone heard of Tanning Injections?
    Apparently you have an injection and then you have to go on the sunbed to enhance the injection.
    From what i can make out your injected with some sort of melanin pigment.
    The person who asked me about this said they use it a lot in australia as it stops you from burning in the sun thus preventing skin cancers?
    I`d love to here if anyone knows anything about this treatment.:confused:
  2. tinkywinky
    wow I want one I am so pale!

    Would it make you go orange tho lol!!:):):lol:
  3. jo-anne
    Well the person that I know who`s had this done looks like he`s just come back from the carribian!!:)
  4. g5m_sh
    I done a stack of research on this a few month ago, as one of my clients was using it. And you know i am a bit of a freak about tanning (the safe way).

    I found there was two different products on the UK Market. Melanotan and Melanotan II. the MTII looked like it was the most popular as you need to used less of it to get the same result of MT.

    Its bought in powder form and mixed with bacteriostatic water to make an injectable solution. Used in dose of 0.25mg. Attempt to increase daily dosage by 0.25mg where possible, until you reach 1-1.5mg daily. You have to calculate your dosage with your body weight. Its used daily till the desired colour is achieved and then maintaining phase is then used (1-2 a week) to keep it toped up.

    It can be used on its own, but works better with UV.

    Side effects include - Nausea, Facial Flushing, Vomiting, skin and hair pigmentation, appetite (reduced), libido and physical sexual arousal (increased)

    One thing that put me off it was the fact that it darkened scars. I had a bust reduction about 3yr ago, and have just getting my scars to nearly not noticeable. I couldn't find anywhere if the scars remained dark, and i couldn't chance it. Not after all that hard work getting them looking how they are.


  5. collin
    Just a thought....with this tretment..are the injections undertaken by a qualified person..if so what qualification would they have ..are they Doctors ???

    This worries me somewhat as there are already enough used needles scattered about the countryside already :eek::eek:
  6. g5m_sh

    Most places selling it supply the needles as well... just for you to do at home on your own!
  7. Jah007
    How much would something like this cost
  8. g5m_sh
    Some sites are doing it for about £35 for 10 mg of MT II & bacteriostatic water, needles and wipes.
  9. collin
    Now that is seriously worrying...so are you saying that these can be purchased as a retail item and Mary Smith is left to inject herself at home without any qualification or supervision....if that is the case then there are going to be some seriouse implications...that can't be legal???
  10. g5m_sh
    Iam not sure if the product itself is leagl...

    Its all a bit scary if you ask me!!!!!!!
  11. pips

    Geesh you would have to have balls of steel to inject your self:eek:

    It took me over a week before i plucked up courage to inject my blood thinner into my stomach when I had a DVT, I finally got used used to it and the needle was that fine it didnt hurt BUT it had to be done unlike this method of achieving a tan.

    Im not a fan of pumping my body full of crap weather it be tablets, natural remedies or the like.......
    Sorry but its not for me....i'll be sticking to my sudo self tan thankyou very muchly :green:
  12. Lurpakpink
    Blimey! Sounds a fab product...don't fancy injecting myself though...as you say it is very worrying that you can buy this stuff like you can a loaf of bread...don't think it's for me though...I think i'll stay pale :)
  13. g5m_sh
    No need to be pale... Get your self a spray tan! :green:
  14. Lurpakpink
    Yeah I know - But I've had 3 spray tans in the past and to be honest they looked awful...patchy, streaky, orange, fake looking really yuck. I know one was used with Su-Do spray, not sure about the others...I am really put off by the whole thing now. :cry:
  15. HayleySullivan
    The injenction sounds good - but injecting it yourself!!! Def go with the spray tan!!! And if you have to pay £35 per week to top that up with an injenction - rather pay less and top up with a spray tan!!
  16. collin
    I have had this on my mind all morning now and I simply can't get my head around the fact that it is legal to sell home applid systems involving syringe needles to the general public in order that they can inject themselves at home without any qualification or supervision...I just cant see how trading standards would alow this....

    This has got to be highly dangerouse..what if you stick the needle into an archery or inject an air bubble into your blood ....this cant be legal :eek::eek:
  17. jo-anne
    Well collin this is why I posted this thread cos I thought too that it can`t be right that you can put this stuff in your body without proper trainning.
    I now know of 2 men who have used an one is still using this stuff, but both have said it has made their facial hair black both are natural redheads!!!!:eek::eek:
  18. collin
    This realy is scary and shouldnt be allowed..cant be???? you cant go selling syringes for people at home to inject themselves with....what is the brand name as maybe I will have a look see at this issue??

    if this stuff urns a red hair into a black one and although I am dark haired then maybe this is something I should try as could do with loosing some grey ...only kidding as certainly would not want to be going sticking needles into myself :eek::eek:
  19. jo-anne
    Well collin i just did a quick search and come up with this link TanResearch.com
    You can buy it off here, I also looked on some body building sites ie
    Bodybuilding.com Forums - Bodybuilding And Fitness Board
    It can prove to be as useful as viagra!!!
  20. collin
    Wow you have been busy....I will take a look see..thanks a bunch as I realy find it difficult to believe that end users would be able to inject themselves at home in front of the telly while watching east enders:eek::eek:

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