Thinking of setting up a small salon!

Discussion in 'Business' started by chocolategirl-x, Aug 25, 2012.


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  1. chocolategirl-x
    Hey fellow geeks!! Ive just seen a local shop up for rent that would be idea for a nail and hair salon. It could fit 2 nail bars, 2 back wash and 3 hair chairs with plenty space between. It's surrounded buy a large residential area and great footfall from the local shops. Soooo I'm wondering what I do do start off? Do I have to apply to council, tax office, etc? Are there any online auctions that deal specifically with used salon equipment (chairs etc). Also what's the going rent rate for self employed stylists that want to rent a chair from me? This idea just came to me about an hour ago so it's still VERY fresh! I've already worked out my outgoings and income from 3 hairdressers and one nail tech (rent a chair/table) and a basic income from myself working as a nail tech also. So far it looks promising! I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me! As I've said, I've no clue who to approach or where to start! I've managed a very small salon before and I've been a nail tech for 14 years so REALLY want to make this work!! Thanks in advance!!! Nikki xxx
  2. BeautyQueen88
    Do you have savings you can use to start you off? Or getting a loan? Obv find out the rent and work out how much you need to make per day to cover that. They'd prob ask you to pay a few months rent upfront & s security deposit. I'm opening my first salon on Friday! We negotiated with the owner to get 3months free rent to do it up. In today's climate it's a buyers market so negotiate hard.
    You should be eligible for business rates relief for new small businesses so speak to your council about that, there's no-one in particular you need to notify just make enquiries into insurance etc so you know what to expect.
    Write a list of literally everything you'll need to buy from furniture to cotton wool! Then you'll have a clear picture of what you need and how much it'll cost.
    We advertised on gumtree for therapists too as papers can be pricey xx
  3. souz
    firstly i would work out how much money you have, how much you need to spend on shop including rates, rent upfront etc then how much is left and how long you cuold live on that. There are so many costs with setting up a shop that you need to think that you wont take a wage as such for say 6 months and that you can still pay your rent/mortgage and living. if you are able to take a wage prior to this then great but you have to have the money just in case! businesses often fail as they dont have enough money to pay for things now even though there is money going to be coming in (i hope this is making sense!)
  4. BeautyQueen88
    I agree with Souz, work out how much you need, then add a couple of thousand onto it! There's always hidden costs involved. I would really try and negotiate a rent free period then you can try to open before you start paying rent so that you get a head start as it were

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