Want to open a shop offering lash extensions

Discussion in 'Business' started by superpearl, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. superpearl
    Can someone kindly let me know what I need before I can open an eyelash extension salon in London.
    What documents do I need? I kindly appreciate any information.
    Also is there anyone based in London who could help me write a business plan?I am happy to pay for your time. many thanks Pearl.
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  2. Cathi44
    Maybe you could clarify a little..... When you say 'lash shop' do you mean a salon that specialises in lash extensions? Also what do you mean by documents needed? First port of call would probably be the council in that borough for licencing etc, to make sure you can get licenced, then go from there.
  3. superpearl
    Thank you Cathi44,
    So sorry I’ve just seen my mistake, I didn’t state eyelash extensions
    I mean a salon providing eyelash extension services. As per documents, i mean requirements and any certifications needed by government before I open this salon. I know nails salons usually require so much however, I don’t know what’s needed to open an eyelash salon.
  4. Reece
    Hi don't know a lot but I heard olaplex is a great treatment for damaged hair , also coconut oil / masks x
  5. BannerPenguin
    It varies council by council so you'll need to contact the council where you intend to set up and find out what's needed and the cost. Probably a special treatments license which I've heard can be expensive in London.
  6. superpearl
    Thank you for you s much
  7. squidgernetball
    You may also need a minimum level 2 beauty qualification. Some London boroughs are asking for this as a minimum x
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  8. superpearl
    hope not, thanks for your making me aware of this, will look into it

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