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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sassy Hassy, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Sassy Hassy
    Got my account with 1and1 set up, designed my website using Fusion 8 (supplied by them), but I cannot get it to publish to the web. I have tried to register WISE-FTP 3.0 but it won't let me do it, I follow all the instructions but it just says attempt failed.

    I have been appraoched by a company that for £149 plus vat will publish it to the web and allow me unlimted access to make amendments for 12 months. It seems a bit steep, but I really need to get this up and running. I am so clueless. Should I go with this, or is there someone on here who can help me continue with 1and1 as I have already paid for 6 months with them? Or should I go to the 1and1 help desk?

  2. Urban Geek
    Why don't you see if Seany can help - he is supposed to be excellent. I've not got my website up and running yet either so I am probably as good as you!
  3. Seanny
    Sassy.... DO NOT pay any money out to anyone else!!! If you have an account with oneandone, you dont need anything or anyone else to publish your site. Period!

    It sounds to me like you just need some assistance and Jackie or I can help you with that as we've been with oneandone for a couple of years now. Can you email me and give me some details.

    Is your site finished?
    When did you finish it?
    Do you have a domain name?
  4. Seanny
    LOL, thx Chris, you got in just ahead of me. :)
  5. Sassy Hassy
    Don't like to trouble him as I think he is sorting out the world and his Geek's sites! BUT I think my mate Fiona may be coming to the rescue. think I am going to go to an evening class, cos I'm not stoopid, I just no understand the lingo!
  6. Urban Geek
    Hi Seanny - Yes! Your card is marked for when I get my act together with my website. Hope to get into action soon.
  7. Sassy Hassy
    Thanks Sean, that was the main thing I needed to know - NOT to shell out anymore money!. At least that part of my problem is solved.
  8. JackieMc
    If you're having real trouble with it then we (that's the 'royal' we - it'll be Sean! LOL) can phone you one evening to go through it with you - we get free calls to the UK evenings and weekends so it won't cost anything. Pm me or Sean your telephone number and when you'll be free to go through it and we'll se if that helps. 1 & 1 helpdesk are very good though but you'll probably be paying for that phone call, so lets see if we can sort it out for you first.


    p.s. I'm in the UK at the moment so I'd better warn Sean what I've said or he'll be getting a big head if he starts getting womens phone numbers in PM! LOL
  9. techygeek
    If any of you have problems with FTP Programs try Smart FTP is free and works far better than most, Cute FTP is ok but doesn't display all files.
  10. Sassy Hassy
    Cheers guys, sorry been with clients all afternoon, and off again in a moment! Fiona (natural nails) has very kindly offered to sort me out! Blimey she likes a challenge!
  11. Kim Lawless
    I thought 1 & 1 offered this service Sass. Give them a call. xx

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