What are the benefits from using Solar Oil?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by rashoe, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. rashoe
    just wondering what you think are the benifits of solar oil
  2. River
    Hi Rashoe,

    If you do a search you will find LOADS of threads on this topic. :)

  3. LilDee
    this is a question i was wondering too. Why do you guys choose solar oil over any other cuticle&nail oil?
    The scent of Solar oil doesn't necessarily attract me over the more fruity scented oils.
    So why the Solar Oil?
  4. geeg
    First point to make I think is that the scent of SolarOil doesn't last 2 minutes ... what it does is not about the scent but about what it does ... it is effective not just pretty!! :)

    What does it do?
    It shrinks eponychium and softens the skin around the nail unit.
    It is a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore be used for any inflamed area of the skin anywhere on the body. Bites, scars, burns, etc.
    Solar Oil is made of such high quality lightweight oils that it enters between the polymer chains of the nail enhancements and keeps the product plasticized (flexible) and adds many months to the life of the enhancements when used as directed.
    No other oil I have ever used does the job so well and my clients know it and love it and ask for it by name ... it has been voted top product by the beauty editors of so many magazines for so many years and is one of those must have products because it does what it says it does.
    I don't want pretty .. I want what works and what my clients want; My job is SO much easier when they use it.
  5. LilDee
    lol, you do have a point there.

    Wow, it sounds like great stuff then, now I know what all the hype is about.

    So I guess if someboday has harsh cuticles with scartissue from them trying to raser and nip (someone told me they used a razor!!)
    Solar Oil treatments would help the healing more than exfoliation and other oils?
  6. Glorsclaws
    Well, I dont know how this works but I can only speak of my own experience and I believe the health of my natural nails is somehow down to the use of Solar Oil.
    Due to health probs I have very thin nails, dry brittle nails that curl as they grow... they've done this for years but since using Solar Oil my nails are more flexible, I actually have to file off the growth to stop them getting too long because they never break, I havent broken a nail since I took my enhancements off 6 months ago and my curling is not so pronounced.
    I dont understand really as I know the keratin dries out as the nail leaves the bed but I believe it is somehow due to my constant use of Solar Oil that has improved my natural nails because prior to its use they split & snapped for years.
    i think it would defo help, maybe some creative cuticle eraser wouldnt go a miss too!

    amb xx
  8. LilDee
    Glorsclaws, where u using trying different oils before u tried solaroil?
  9. joolz
    also brilliant as a facial oil look at geegs skin -beautiful i am totally converted (theres hope for me yet)
  10. geeg
    One of The secrets of Solar Oil is the lightness of the quality of the oils used AND, the most important, the formulation of the product. Anyone can bang the same four oils together in a bottle but not have the same thing. Many have tried.

    Quality of the oils used and Formulation.

    Yes ... it is true I have always used Solar Oil as my daily facial moisturizer (for the last 18 years anyway). I use it for many things. I also supply it to several plastic surgeons who recommend it to be used to help scarring to fade and shrink because it is really good for this as well as for any pregnant ladies who want to avoid stretch marks and the like.

    They don't call it the "miracle in a bottle" for nothing.
  11. Glorsclaws
    Hi hun,
    Yes, I used a Peach Oil from another company. If Im honest I probably didnt use it as much as I use the Solar Oil, I couldnt stand the over powering smell funnily enough.
    I always wear gloves to wash up (but then I always did), I ensure I use my Solar Oil straight after washing/showering and I ensure its the last thing I use before I get into bed.
    If peeps think it sounds like a bit of hassle I tell them to keep one by the sink, one by the bed and one in the bathroom, you soon get into the habbit of using it without even thinking about it, like I do.
    Its only when posts like this come up that I realise how much my nails have changed .... it didnt happen over night... but my nails definately have changed for the better!
  12. bubbabinks
    Can you use solar oil as part of a warm oil treatment?
  13. geeg
    Absolutely! You don't need much either.
  14. River
    You could, but I would think it would work out too expensive !


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