Will Wella be OK on bleached hair/how to apply?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by N-Rutherford, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. N-Rutherford
    I have a hair client who has been getting bleach on her hair instead of a blonde tint , I want to move her on to a tint and wanted to use wella 12.11 but I am unsure how this will take to the hair.. Her natural root colour is a base 7 and her ends are a little brassy, would a 12.11 lift or would it go really warm? I also wanted to pack in different coloured highlights like some base 8? And blonde highlights as well. Basically my overall worry is that I'm unsure if it will be ok to put the tint on bleached hair? :Scared:
  2. Thiago
    You going to use a high lift tint on the ends or roots?? Do a strand test and only do the roots and then after if needed tone everything down with a toner

  3. pinky_kez
    High lights or full head tint?
  4. kaye74
    never ever put the 12 series on bleached hair !.
    It depends what result your after with highlift, 12/11 is double grey tone , why not try 12/81 as the 8 is blue . Then do your lowlights either out of foil ( paint every say two three foils in between) use colour touch . Then once foils have lifted do a toner to blend the root of 12/81 and the powder lightener ;-) HTH xx
  5. N-Rutherford
    Hi their ! I have found your comment ! What would the 12/81 look like? And would you take it through the ends for the last 15 mins or so with 20 vol and 40 vol on roots? X
  6. Piercednige
    It will lift cooler than 12/11.
    Do not comb it through whilst it is still developing in the roots cos it will b warm.
    Of u want to refresh the mid lengths and ends. AFTER FULL DEVELOPMENT on the roots then saturate the hair with 100ml warm water. And emulsify of the roots through to the midlengths and ends an visual develop until you have the desired tone.
  7. N-Rutherford
    Thanks and even tho the hair is only bleached on the mid lenghth and ends the 100 ml of water emulsified will lift this ? Also my client is a natural base 7 so should I use 40 vol on roots? X
  8. Piercednige
    If you are lifting to a 10 then 9% will b fine.
    Your not lifting the ends of they have already been bleached then your not lifting them anymore u will just be toning the brassiness. That's Wat the water and emulsify is for
  9. N-Rutherford
    Okay so it should still be quite light with just 30 vol? Thanks guys !! X

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