131 - Duke

Thank you for posting a few of the latest in Bio colors. It's always a treat to see them applied. There's no other way to really get a good idea of how these colors look and I must say you make them look m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s.
Ah, thanks Janice...that's really sweet of you! I work standalone without any other technicians to compare myself to so it's nice to hear from another great tech that my work looks good :hug: xx
This colour looks great... but I'm completely foxed now - check out a littleTLC's pic of the same colour (Duke - royal collection) it looks completely different?? Much light than this.... v strange! Colour variation aside, nice work Sophie :)
Hi are spot on, the other pic looks like a completely different colour?!! The only thing I could put it down to is mine was taken in the salon in my room with no natural light and her's seems to be outside in the sun? Still doesn't explain how different they look. Maybe we should ask Bio to explain!! x
Hey girls...My picture was taken in the garden so hence the difference in colour AND I was in a bit of a rush to get them done, the application could of been a little thicker as the 131 gel is quite thin.

When I do a clients it looks the same as sophieg's (as it should look...hehehh)
One even said how much better hers looked than mine, well thats normal...they never do! x
Aha! Question solved! a little TLC, how many coats were there in your pic? I still think it looks nice in yours aswell x

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