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  1. Glitz-n-Glam

    Extension trainer

    Hi all. I own a busy hair salon and all my girls do hair extensions. I am a qualified assessor and wanted to get into teaching hair extension courses. I’m seeing way too many girls coming out of courses having to clue. How would I go about doing this? I have a private room that I can teach 1-2...
  2. M

    Advice for nail tech/eyelash tech training in Ireland

    Hi all, bit of background - have worked for many years as a hair extensionist, mainly out of a family hair salon in Spain. I have been back in Ireland since the Covid and am planning on staying here until early next year when I will return to Spain. I love my job with hair but I have always...
  3. jen1989cuttie

    Unaccredited trainer-please help!

    I went on a course that was marked as ABT accredited, the trainer that taught me was not credited. My question is if the teacher is not accredited but the owner who is accredited issued the certificated even tho she did not teach me, is that legal? and is my certificated valid? hope this makes sence
  4. I

    Course accreditation

    HI, Afternoon all. Just wondered if someone may be able to give me a little advice. For a long period of time now I have been working toward becoming an accredited teacher/course in a particular subject (eyebrows) So I have passed my level 3 aet teaching qualification and I am now at the stage...