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  1. HMC

    What can you use to maintain/care for a spray tan?

    Can you use a body oil, or will this strip/fade the tan? If not a body oil, does the lotion you use also need to be oil-free? What should you do if you have patches/streaks AFTER you have a shower. Hope back in? Rinse? Scrub? Moisturise? Thanks in advance.
  2. Pipi

    Salon System nourishing oil ingredients

    Hi, I am all over google, turned upside down the whole internet LOL but I am unable to find the ingredient list of Salon system nourishing oil. Does anyone know? Does anyone have a picture? Even distributor websites don't include the ingredients which I find strange. I want to ask A PRO to...
  3. Kimberlybear

    Hair extension aftercare?

    What brush do people recommend for clients to use after having hair extensions fitted? Ive always used a soft bristle brush but when I did my training they said tangle teasers (well the ones from Poundland). I wanted to provide an aftercare kit for clients after they're fittings and include a...
  4. RoseLVXHair

    Cleaning eyelash extensions with contact lens solution

    Hi, I was told you can clean lashes with contact lenses solution - is that right? Do you dilute, how do you advise clients? Thanks