Hair extension aftercare?


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What brush do people recommend for clients to use after having hair extensions fitted? Ive always used a soft bristle brush but when I did my training they said tangle teasers (well the ones from Poundland). I wanted to provide an aftercare kit for clients after they're fittings and include a brush, so I was just wondering if the tangle teasers would be worth it if they're okay on bonds?
Also what sulphate free shampoos are there around for a reasonable price, I don't want to spend to much on the aftercare kit just include a few bits like shampoo, conditioner, brush and argon oil

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Hey. The best brushes I’ve found is the hard bristle with the small sections in the middle x

Try tangle teezers xx


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Options shampoo and condition you can have with your own logo and tangle teezer x


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i buy the ones from home bargains (like tangle teezer) and i use options or sway's aftercare, the prices are brilliant