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  1. R

    Allergy or irritation

    Hey guys, hope you’re all doing ok. I wondered if anyone could help shed some light on my current situation with gel nails. I’d be so grateful. Summary: - severe irritation when gel is applied on finger nails. Random patch of contact dermatitis appears overnight on face and neck (no previous...
  2. C

    Allergic reaction

    Hi everyone! My first time posting here and I am in desperate need of some advice for allergy itch relief and allergy causers. Tuesday morning I did an infill on myself using acrylic products I’ve used plenty of times before and gel polishes from 2 brands I’ve used plenty before but colours...
  3. N

    Help! Bad allergy & don't want to stop being a nail tech

    Hello!! I’ve been a nail tech for 2 years now. Unfortunately, before I took the course I attempted to do my own gel extensions and for the better part of 4 months was doing it completely wrong. I took the course, loved it saw what I had been doing wrong and fixed it. But the allergy had already...
  4. BobSweden

    What's the difference between HEMA-free and hypoallergenic?

    It seems from many Facebook posts that there is a great deal of confusion about this, from both brands and Nail Tech's. Since the many reported cases of salon clients developing onycholysis and allergies last year, we are seeing the use of the terms "HEMA-free" and "hypoallergenic" a lot. A...
  5. BobSweden

    Say No To Allergies campaign - free booklet for NT and students

    Following the statement from the British Association of Dermatologists that "nail product allergies have reached epidemic levels", Iryna and I created the Say No To Allergies campaign to bring fact-based information to NT, students and salon clients. This is a brand and product neutral campaign...
  6. N

    Reaction to bleaching

    Hi, ive noticed when i look up my symptoms alot of people have experienced the same reactions to lightening products on scalp but havent came across anyone who has had a straight answer for this. I have lightened my hair for years and only recently been having reactions causing hand and feet to...
  7. BobSweden

    Why do NT support brands that sell to hobbyists?

    Isn't this like Turkeys voting for Christmas? Isn't it hard enough for newbie Nail Techs to get established without low cost, probably working black, competition? Why buy from companies that don't support the industry and are undermining our profession? And if the recent report by the British...
  8. BobSweden

    Nail salon dust and chemical vapour filters

    Here are three good reasons to invest in a professional nail salon extraction system, or a professional 3-stage dust/vapour filter system: Occupational rhinitis Occupational rhinitis (OR) may be defined as "an inflammatory condition of the nose, which is characterized by intermittent or...