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  1. P

    Gel Polish Application Help!!!

    Hey there, I am wanting some tips/tricks/advice with gel polish application! I am currently using The Gel Bottle polish’s (have also used others and I get the same result) I find I have great difficulty applying the gel polish smoothly, stream free and I find I get a lumpy bit at the cuticle...
  2. S

    Capping Gel Bottle Inc?

    Hi, I’m testing out some gel bottle inc colours and am going on a course very soon. Just wondered if you cap the free edge first or last when painting? I used to use gelish and they always taught first but just wondered if this was different with the gel bottle? Also if it still only a thin...
  3. Dani3300

    Needing help with gel application

    Hello all, This may very well be on a forum somewhere but whenever I search it’s telling me that the words were not included because of the length of them or because they’re too common. Anyway... long story short... I qualified as a nail tech a few years ago but didn’t really do anything with...
  4. HelenKnight

    Applying Swarovski crystals

    What would you recommend for applying the crystals so they last? I use CND and the Gel Bottle colours and only work with natural nails. TIA